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Basics of Arabic Video Lectures

For Use with Basics of Arabic: A Complete Grammar, Workbook, and Lexicon
Ayman S. Ibrahim
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Basics of Arabic Video Lectures, taught by Ayman Ibrahim and designed for use with the Basics of Arabic textbook and workbook, introduces students and independent learners to Modern Standard Arabic.

Intended for students approaching Arabic for the first time, Basics of Arabic Video Lectures will help learners:

  • Recite the Arabic alphabet
  • Read and pronounce Arabic words
  • Learn the Arabic noun and verbal system
  • Understand syntax for writing and reading sentences

These video lectures are a perfect resource for formal students who miss a classroom lecture, for instructors who want to devote classroom time to drills and exercises, and for individuals who desire to begin learning Arabic on their own.

Session Titles and Runtimes:

1 - Alphabet and Letters (30 min)

2 - Additional Letters (18 min)

3 - Arabic Vowels (27 min)

4 - Arabic Syllables, Diphthong, and Definite Article (28 min)

5 - Parts of Speech: Words, Sentences, Inflection, and the Case System (32 min)

6 - Particles (17 min)

7 - Nouns (25 min)

8 - Adjectives and Cardinal Numbers (23 min)

9 - Demonstratives (19 min)

10 - The Nisbah Adjective (23 min)

11 - Possessive Pronouns, the I?afah Construct, and Interrogative Particles (23 min)

12 - Introduction to Arabic Verbs (28 min)

13 - Arabic Verbs: Categories (25 min)

14 - Verbs and Their Accusative Direct Objects (16 min)

15 - Past Tense Verbs (25 min)

16 - Present Simple Verbs (17 min)

17 - Parsing, Verb-Subject Agreement, Present Passive Tense (20 min)

18 - Future Simple Tense (17 min)

19 - Negating Past Tense and Nominal Sentences (26 min)

20 - The Imperative Verb (19 min)

21 - Un-nunated Nouns and Adverbs (22 min)

22 - Sound and Weak Verbs (21 min)

23 - Verb Forms (26 min)

About the Author

Ayman S. Ibrahim (PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary; PhD, University of Haifa) is Bill and Connie Jenkins Professor of Islamic Studies and director of the Jenkins Center for the Christian Understanding of Islam at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He wrote The Stated Motivations for the Early Islamic Expansion and has authored numerous articles on the Islamic world, appearing in The Washington Post, Evangelical Interfaith Dialogue Journal, Charisma News, and First Things among others.

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  • Release: January 4, 2022