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Basics of Classical Syriac Pack

Includes Grammar with Integrated Workbook and Lexicon and DVD Video Lectures
Steven C. Hallam
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The Basics of Classical Syriac Pack contains everything you need to learn Syriac, one of the most important transitional languages of the Old and New Testaments. A working knowledge of Syriac provides a lens from which to study the Peshitta (the Syriac translation of the Bible) and various early church history texts and commentaries. This pack provides an ideal first step into the language focused on getting the student into text translation as quickly as possible.

The Basics of Classical Syriac Pack includes:

  • Basics of Classical Syriac. This textbook is a beginning Syriac grammar, workbook, and lexicon all in one and is an ideal first text for learning Syriac.
  • Basics of Classical Syriac Video Lectures. This DVD features a video lecture for each of the 23 chapters in the textbook, which amounts to over 8 hours of video content.

The Basics of Classical Syriac Pack contains everything you need to master the fundamentals of classical Syriac whether you are enrolled in a class or learning on your own.

About the Author

Steven C. Hallam (PhD, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary) is Assistant Professor and Chair of the General Studies department at Alaska Christian College in Soldotna, AK. He has taught Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Syriac at the graduate level, and is a recipient of the Zondervan award in Biblical Greek.

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  • Page Count: 320
  • Format: Mixed Media Set
  • ISBN: 9780310537168
  • Release: October 24, 2017