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Beyond the Battle

A Man's Guide to His Identity in Christ in an Oversexualized World
Noah Filipiak
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All men face some degree of temptation or discontentment. Here is your guide to get you past frustration into freedom. We live in a culture where 55% of married men and 70% of single men look at porn at least once a month and over half of all marriages end in divorce. To understand why that is we have to look beyond the battle to the root of both the problem and the solution...

Most books for men on how to defeat lust and improve their relationships with the women in their lives preach a plan for trying harder, thinking better, and battering their behavior into submission. The problem with this approach: no matter how strong we are today, the battle continues tomorrow, and nothing ever seems to change in the long run.

In Beyond the Battle, author and pastor Noah Filipiak shows you why symptom-based behavior management approaches offer short-term solutions. Instead, he unpacks the keys to a gospel-centered, long-term victory, helping you win the war against temptation and entitlement.

Beyond the Battle is an accessible, effective, man-to-man resource for individual or small group use that will guide you toward freedom from sexual temptations by connecting you more deeply to Jesus—to his sacrifice and sufficiency.

Filipiak addresses deep questions of marriage, singleness, and sexual temptation like:

  • What's really the worst enemy in a man's marriage?
  • How are my assumptions about my wife contributing to the problem?
  • How does a corrected understanding of God's grace change my outlook on marriage or singleness?

This book turns typical "purity" strategies on their head by addressing head-on our sense of self-entitlement and our self-seeking tendencies, showing how to look to God—instead of to women—for intimacy, approval, acceptance, and validation.

Includes free access to 7-week small group video curriculum plus an option 40-day devotional.

About the Author

Noah Filipiak is a pastor at Ada Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Previously he planted and pastored Crossroads Church in Lansing, Michigan for 13 years. He has degrees from Cornerstone University and Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. He is the host of The Flip Side Podcast and blogs at

  • Product Details
  • Page Count: 272
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9780310120124
  • Release: August 10, 2021