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Biblical Greek: A Compact Guide

Second Edition
William D. Mounce
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Biblical Greek: A Compact Guide, Second Edition by William D. Mounce is a handy, at-a-glance reference for students, pastors, and teachers.

It follows the organization and format of the fourth edition of Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar, but it's also usable by students who learned with a different grammar. By limiting its discussion to the "nuts and bolts," Greek language students working on translation and exegesis will more quickly and easily find the relevant grammatical refreshers. Students can, for example, check on the range of meaning for a particular word or make sure they remember how aorist participles function in a sentence.

The paradigms, word lists, and basic discussions in Biblical Greek: A Compact Guide, Second Edition points students in the right direction and allow them to focus on more advanced Greek study.

About the Author

William D. Mounce (PhD, Aberdeen University) lives as a writer in Washougal, Washington. He is the President of, a non-profit organization offering world-class educational resources for discipleship in the local church. See for more information. Formerly he was a preaching pastor, and prior to that a professor of New Testament and director of the Greek Program at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He is the author of the bestselling Greek textbook, Basics of Biblical Greek, and many other resources. He was the New Testament chair of the English Standard Version translation of the Bible, and is serving on the NIV translation committee.

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  • Page Count: 224
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9780310598770
  • Release: April 16, 2019
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