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Big Shoes to Fill

Stepping into a Leadership Role...Without Stepping in It
Gavin Adams
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Starting something is challenging. Think of it like building a plane over time and eventually testing it out when it's ready and you're ready.

On the other hand, taking over something can feel impossible. Stepping into an organization feels more like jumping into a moving plane full of people and keeping it aloft while trying to improve the aircraft, maintain direction, and get to know your new co-pilots!

The reality is that most of us inherit something, not start something: Teams, culture, processes, or perhaps entire organizations. As a long career with a single organization is increasingly a thing of the past, learning to step into a new leadership role is essential to leading well.

Big Shoes to Fill helps leaders:

  1. Understand the tensions and problems associated with stepping into new leadership spaces,
  2. Create a learning environment that expedites trust, and
  3. Guide everyone experiencing the transition through the normative emotions of change.

About the Author

Dr. Gavin Adams serves marketplace and ministry leaders as a coach and strategic organizational consultant. After a decade of consulting in the marketplace, Gavin transitioned into ministry, where he helped plant a church, revitalize a church, pastor a rapidly growing church, pastor a mega-church, and lead a campus of North Point Ministries. Gavin has an M.B.A. from Georgia State University and a Master of Theology and Doctorate of Ministry from Liberty University.

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  • Page Count: 272
  • Format: Hardcover, Jacketed
  • ISBN: 9780310154600
  • Release: January 16, 2024