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Deep Peace

Finding Calm in a World of Conflict and Anxiety
Todd D. Hunter
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Experience deep wholeness in your life that springs forth from the peace of God.

We live in a fearful, anxiety-driven age where the problems and challenges of the world assault us from every direction and every media source, and they far exceed our abilities to respond to them. The sense of desperation that often comes of this leads to discord and violence: from bitter, cutting remarks to the atrocities of war; from pervasive racism to knee-jerk micro-aggressions. It contributes to our current, peace-bankrupt social discourse, leading to patterns of dismissing, dividing from, condemning, or hating people.

But what if the root of these problems is not found out there, in the situations, the information or misinformation of what's happening in the world? What if they come from here: in our minds, hearts, thought-life, and emotions?

In Deep Peace, Todd Hunter, founding pastor of Holy Trinity Anglican Church, analyzes the anxiety and desperation of our current moment and brings it before a biblical framework of profound peace. This book provides practices to help Christians value and actively seek peace, becoming people of reconciliation in ordinary life. Deep Peace:

  • Uncovers the ten things that are most harmful to peace in a person's life.
  • Unpacks the "Trinity of Peace" found in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and how we can find rest in each person of the Trinity.
  • Reveals spiritual practices that will teach you how to pursue an inner calm and become the kind of person that meets conflict with love and renounces fear.

Deep Peace is a timely benediction that offers a practical and spiritual guide to recenter believers in the peace of Christ.

About the Author

Dr. Todd Hunter is the founding bishop of The Anglican Diocese, Churches for the Sake of Others. He is a past president of Alpha USA and former national director for the Association of Vineyard Churches. An adjunct professor at several seminaries, he is author of Christianity Beyond Belief, Giving Church Another Chance, The Outsider Interviews, The Accidental Anglican, Our Favorite Sins, and Our Character at Work.

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  • Page Count: 272
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9780310120438
  • Release: September 21, 2021