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Engaging Theology Video Lectures

A Biblical, Historical, and Practical Introduction
Ben C. Blackwell (Author) , R.L. Hatchett (Author)
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Our contemporary context increasingly views Christian faith and practice as irrelevant. When people talk about theology, they increasingly wonder, “Who cares?” But the ancient church believed the biblical narrative held significance for the crucial realities of life.

Engaging Theology Video Lectures is an introductory theology series that grounds a treatment of standard systematic topics in the wider context of life and practice and shows the relevance of each doctrine to the church. It treats the essential doctrines of Christian orthodoxy by following the pattern of story, doctrinal exposition, theological relevance, and spiritual relevance.

Engaging Theology Video Lectures is ideal for helping students and everyday people living in a post-Christian era engage seriously with the Christian faith.

Session Titles and Runtimes:

1 - Introduction (26 min)

2 - Theological Method: How to Do Theology (25 min)

3 - Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (25 min)

4 - Revelation: God Reveals Himself (27 min)

5 - God and the World: Creator and Creation (26 min)

6 - Jesus the Christ: The Incarnate Messiah (27 min)

7 - Holy Spirit: The Lord and Giver of Life (22 min)

8 - Humanity and Sin: Human Flourishing and Failure (21 min)

9 - Salvation: Participating in New Creation (26 min)

10 - The Church: The People of God (26 min)

11 - Eschatology: New Creation and the End (23 min)

12 - Conclusion (18 min)

About the Authors

Ben C. Blackwell (PhD, University of Durham) is associate professor of early Christianity at Houston Baptist University. He has authored a number of essays and articles related to Historical Theology and the New Testament, including Christosis: Engaging Pauline Soteriology with His Patristic Interpreters. He is currently working on new monograph: Participating in the Righteousness of God: Justification in Pauline Theology. He also served as a co-editor for several volumes: Paul and the Apocalyptic Imagination; Reading Romans in Context: Paul and Second Temple Judaism; and Reading Mark in Context: Jesus and Second Temple Judaism.

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  • Format: DVD
  • ISBN: 9780310123620
  • Release: July 6, 2021