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Experiential Youth Ministry Handbook, Volume 2

Using Intentional Activity to Grow the Whole Person
John Losey
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More than 50 fun exercises that youth workers can use to help students learn and grow. John Losey has once again compiled his knowledge of experience-based learning to help your youth ministry take part in activities that allow students to have fun and learn something valuable! Experiential Youth Ministry Handbook 2 is filled with even more activities that you can use today, along with all you need to know in order to incorporate them with intentionality, so your students can truly learn and grow. Along with an overview of the foundations of growth and learning, Losey offers more than 50 exercises and activities that are sure to have a lasting impact on your students. Each comes with an overview, equipment needed, safety concerns to be aware of, ways to teach from the experience, variations, and a place for you to write your own notes and reflections as you incorporate experiential learning into your ministry “on purpose.” The book also includes templates for using activities in the context of community service, shortterm missions, and real-life interventions (“teachable moments”). You’ll find fun exercises for small or large groups, including many that would pique students’ attention by their names alone, such as Mousetrap Gauntlet, Toxic Waste, Amoeba Walk, Once Upon a Time …, Pressure Grid, and Jar of Death!!! If you want your activities to be more than just fun—if you want them to be meaningful—this is the ideal book to have on hand.

About the Author

John Losey has been teaching and leading people since 1983 and working with experiential programs since 1986. His work with Christian organizations such as Campus Life, Forest Home Christian Conference Center, Center for Student Missions, and numerous other churches and camps has given him diverse experience within the ministry world. John holds a BS in biology, an MA in social science, and has done continuing studies in learning and growth theories and community development. He is director of Praxis Training Systems and author of Experiential Youth Ministry Handbook..
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  • Page Count: 144
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9780310270966
  • Release: August 12, 2007