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How Jesus Saves

Atonement for Ordinary People
Joshua M. McNall
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"How does Jesus save us by dying on the cross?"

One night, as Josh McNall was talking with his young daughter before bedtime, she asked him this seemingly simple question. How would you answer?

The fact that "Jesus saves" is perhaps the most basic claim of Christianity. Theologians and scholars refer to the way Jesus saves us as the atonement. the follow-up question—How does he save?—demands the attention not just of theologians but of every Christ follower. How exactly does a brutal and shameful crucifixion bring salvation? Why does the Bible call it good news, and why should we?

In How Jesus Saves, McNall—professor and host of the podcast Outpost Theology—answers common questions and resolves misunderstandings that many people have about the atonement. You'll explore questions like:

  • If Jesus conquered death, why doesn't it look like it?
  • How could an innocent person justly pay the penalty for the guilty?
  • Why couldn't God simply forgive apart from the cross?
  • Doesn't following Jesus' sacrificial example actually enable abuse?

Through Scripture, story, and real-life applications, McNall addresses this great Christian doctrine with simplicity without sacrificing the nuance it demands.

Clear and readable, How Jesus Saves will deepen your faith and commitment as a Christian, giving you the comprehension and confidence you need to explain the atonement not only to your curious loved ones but also to skeptics who might challenge your faith.

This book includes reflection questions at the end of each chapter.

About the Author

Joshua McNall (PhD, University of Manchester) is Assistant Professor of Theology at Oklahoma Wesleyan University. His other books include, A Free Corrector: Colin Gunton and the Legacy of Augustine (Fortress, 2015), and the popular-level, Long Story Short: The Bible in Six Simple Movements (Seedbed, 2018). He lives in Bartlesville, Oklahoma with his wife Brianna and their four children. He blogs regularly at

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  • Page Count: 160
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9781628240412
  • Release: March 7, 2023