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How to Help People Change

The Four-Step Biblical Process
Jay E. Adams
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Change is the essential goal of the counseling process. How can a Christian counselor facilitate such change? The answer, of course, may be found in Scripture, specifically in 2 Timothy 3:14-17.

Professor, pastor, and well-known counselor Jay E. Adams bases his whole approach on Scripture. This book provides an unparalleled opportunity to see how he discovers and applies biblical principles as well as the way in which Scripture functions as the basis for his counseling approach.

In How to Help People Change, this book answers two questions:

  • “How does a counselor help people change?”
  • “How does Scripture provide the source of a counselor’s method?”

This book has much to say about the ongoing discussion of the relationship between theology and psychology in the enterprise of Christian counseling. Jay presents a fresh perspective not only on how to counsel, but also on what measures to take at what stages of counseling.

While touching on many aspects of counseling, How to Help People Change is specifically designed to elucidate the process of counseling.

About the Author

Jay E. Adams (PhD, University of Missouri) is a former director of advanced studies and professor of practical theology at Westminster Theological Seminary, as well as a retired pastor. He has written over fifty books on pastoral ministry, preaching, counseling, Bible study, and Christian living. His books include Competent to Counsel, The Christian Counselor’s Manual, and Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage in the Bible.

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  • Page Count: 224
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9780310511816
  • Release: July 15, 1986
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