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King Jesus and the Beauty of Obedience-Based Discipleship

David Young
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What does it mean to be a disciple? The call of discipleship is more than programs and Bible study. In King Jesus and the Beauty of Obedience-Based Discipleship, David Young presents a bold call for obedience-based discipleship and argues that it alone is the proper response to the kingship of Jesus. Many have wrongly associated obedience with bad theology, believing that Jesus' demand for obedience is a form of works righteousness or legalism. Others simply don't like obedience and resist the demands Jesus makes in calling us to follow him.

But if we surrender to the kingship of Jesus, we will find the life we were designed to live. We are accustomed to calling Jesus "Savior." And we should. But until recently, many in the Western church have not learned to call Jesus "King."

The kingship of Jesus has implications for how we live. We can either rebel against him, raising puppet kings and constructing our own kingdoms, or we can submit to him in obedience-based discipleship. Could it be that you are still sitting on the throne of your life, treating King Jesus as a mere advisor? What would change in your life if you started treating Jesus as nothing short of your King?

Young unpacks five principles for those who wish to follow Jesus as King.

  1. Surrender to the authority of King Jesus
  2. Embrace the mission of King Jesus
  3. Live immersed in King Jesus
  4. Obey the teachings of King Jesus
  5. Behold the presence of King Jesus

Following these five steps awakens us to a life truly worth living, a life of power, peace, beauty, and love. This is eternal life, that we would know and follow Jesus as King of the Universe, and king over our lives. After all, you don't merely believe in kings. You obey them.

About the Author

David Young serves as the senior minister for the North Boulevard Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee—a church devoted to church planting and disciple-making. He has worked for churches in Missouri, Kansas, and Tennessee, has taught New Testament at several colleges, formerly hosted the New Day Television Program, and travels widely teaching and preaching. He holds several advanced degrees in New Testament, including a PhD in New Testament from Vanderbilt University.

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  • Page Count: 176
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9780310537755
  • Release: July 28, 2020