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Leading Life-Changing Small Groups Video Study

8 Sessions on Leading a Small Group
Bill Donahue
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In Leading Life-Changing Small Groups Video Study, together with the Leading Life-Changing Small Groups handbook, author and speaker Bill Donahue teaches small group leaders the basics of leading a successful group. Regardless of whether a person is leading for the first time or has been doing so for years, these sessions will enable them to more effectively facilitate group discussion and to encourage and support group members in a way that leads to authentic and lasting life change.

Sessions highlight the requirements and responsibilities of a small group leader, provide helpful insight into the process of group formation, and answer practical questions about meeting preparation and how to encourage group participation. For anyone who wants to lead small groups with excellence and truly witness life change in their groups, Leading Life-Changing Small Groups Video Study offers practical answers and inspiring examples as a go-to guide.

Session Titles and Runtimes:

1 - Introduction (6 min)

2 - Clarifying Your Purpose (18 min)

3 - Sharpening Your Leadership (23 min)

4 - Developing Your Apprentice (23 min)

5 - Pursuing Spiritual Growth (23 min)

6 - Leading Life-Changing Meetings (24 min)

7 - Measuring Group Progress (20 min)

8 - Caring for Members (20 min)

9 - Impacting Your World (26 min)

About the Author

Dr. Bill Donahue is the author of the bestselling Leading Life-Changing Small Groups, Building a Life-Changing Small Groups Ministy (with Russ Robinson), Coaching Life-Changing Leaders (with Greg Bowman), and the Equipping Life-Changing Leaders DVD.

Leading Life-Changing Small Groups Instructor: Dr. Bill Donahue

This course equips small group leaders to better facilitate a successful group.

Whether you’re leading for the first time or you’ve led for years, this course, taught by Bill Donahue, will help you develop the skills to facilitate group discussion and to encourage and support members.

Course Details
  • 8 Units
  • 3 hours of video
  • Self-paced
  • Beginner
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  • Format: DVD
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  • Release: February 27, 2018
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