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Jesus Calls, We Follow
Scot McKnight
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What is the “Christian life” all about? Studying the Bible, attending church, cultivating a prayer life, witnessing to others—those are all good. But is that really what Jesus has in mind? The answer, says Scot McKnight in One.Life, lies in Jesus’ words, “Follow me.” What does it look like to follow Jesus, and how will doing so change the way we live our life—our, our, our, our, our—everything about our life. One.Life will open your eyes to the full, compelling immensity of what it means to be a Christian. “Jesus offers to us a kingdom dream that transforms us to the very core of our being,” says Scot McKnight. “His vision is so big we are called to give our entire life to it. His vision is so big it swallows up our dreams.” Discover exactly what Jesus meant when he announced the arrival of God’s kingdom. Equipping you with a new understanding of that kingdom’s radical nature, One.Life shares profound, challenging, and practical insights on how to demonstrate its reality in your life. In many ways, what The Cost of Discipleship by Bonhoeffer challenged Christians to do in earlier generations, One.Life will do for a new generation. One.Life will call you beyond the flatlands of religiosity toward a kingdom vision that will shape everything you do.

About the Author

Scot McKnight (PhD, Nottingham) has been a Professor of New Testament for more than four decades. He is the author of more than ninety books, including the award-winning The Jesus Creed as well as The King Jesus Gospel, A Fellowship of Differents, One.Life, The Blue Parakeet, Revelation for the Rest of Us, and Kingdom Conspiracy.


“In One.Life, Scot McKnight challenges readers to become followers of the Jesus characterized by life, justice, peace, and wisdom. This inspiring book will transform believers into agents of change. I recommend this passionately written book to young and old Christians alike.” -- Tremper Longman III, Author

“Scot is one of the clearest, keenest voices I know in helping us come to a deeper understanding of the Jesus we meet in the New Testament. This book won’t so much change your life as help you to find it.” -- John Ortberg, Author

“Scot McKnight is a gift to the body of Christ as he challenges us to think about our faith more deeply, practice being a disciple more intently, and love God more passionately. Each of us is only given one life, and after reading this book, you’ll desire to live it with abandon to God.” -- Margaret Feinberg, Author

'Scot McKnight’s book, One.Life, is the clearest, most readable, most applicable exposition of the Kingdom in everyday words I have ever read. I am fascinated by how he describes the idea of dreams and imagination and how they connect with the reality of the Kingdom.' -- Eddie Broussard, Director

“Wake up from a truncated version of Christianity and take action today to fully live the One.Life God has given you, following Jesus in his dream for the kingdom!” -- Mindy Caliguire, Director

“With rare candor and remarkable courage, Scot McKnight weaves his own personal story into a contemporary quest to find the true meaning of Christian faith in a modern world. Effectively written and filled with insight for the reader who rarely reads theological books, McKnight can reach audiences here that most of us never will. Well done.” -- Gary M. Burge, Professor

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  • Page Count: 208
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9780310277668
  • Release: December 8, 2010