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Organic Outreach for Churches Video Study

Infusing Evangelistic Passion into Your Local Congregation
Kevin G. Harney
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Nearly all churches and ministries consider themselves dedicated to evangelism, and many explicitly include outreach in their mission statements. But few are actually bearing the fruit. Kevin Harney diagnoses this problem and offers guidance for multiplying the outreach and impact of churches.

The Organic Outreach for Churches Video Study, along with its accompanying book, Organic Outreach for Churches, provides direction for local congregations to weave evangelism into the fabric of the church. Commitment to the Great Commission is not simply about sending money and praying for missions or holding occasional events to reach out (although these things are good). Organic outreach happens when evangelistic vision and action become the domain of every ministry and the commitment of every person in the congregation.

This will not happen accidentally. There is huge spiritual and practical resistance to such changes. The only way evangelism will become an organic part of a church is when every leader and each member is gripped by proclaiming the gospel. This video study provides a roadmap for pastors and leaders who wish to infuse evangelistic passion into every aspect of their church's life.

Session Titles and Runtimes:

1 - Loving God: Without This, Nothing Else Matters (31 min)

2 - Loving the World: What Are You Willing to Sacrifice? (33 min)

3 - Loving the Church: An Essential but Often Missing Piece (32 min)

4 - Seven Simple Mind Shifts That Unlock Outreach Potential (33 min)

5 - Beyond Pushpins and Committees to Organic Outreach (32 min)

6 - The Six Levels of Influence: Mobilizing the Whole Church for Outreach (32 min)

7 - Raising the Evangelistic Temperature: The One-Degree Rule (30 min)

8 - The Two-Degree Rule: The Power of Vectoring (33 min)

9 - The Value of Innovation: Try Something (31 min)

10 - Faith Comes by Hearing: Who Will Speak? (35 min)

About the Author

Kevin G. Harney?is lead pastor of Shoreline Church in Monterey, California. He is the author of many books, including?No Is a Beautiful Word,?Seismic Shifts, and the Organic Outreach?Trilogy, as well as more than a hundred small group guides, curriculum, and numerous articles written in partnership with Sherry. Kevin and his wife Sherry are co-founders of Organic Outreach International, a ministry that trains and resources global leaders to do evangelism in natural and effective ways. He also does extensive teaching and speaking both nationally and internationally.

Organic Outreach for Churches Instructor: Dr. Kevin Harney

Most local churches want to become an evangelistic force in their community and the world, but sporadically focusing on outreach, giving money to missions, and praying for others are not enough. Organic outreach happens when churches weave evangelistic passion into every program and action. Visionary pastor Kevin Harney explains how in the Organic Outreach for Churches course.

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  • 10 Units
  • 5 hours of video
  • Self-paced
  • Beginner
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  • Release: July 18, 2017
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