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Person of Interest

Why Jesus Still Matters in a World that Rejects the Bible
J. Warner Wallace
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Join a cold-case detective as he uncovers the truth about Jesus using the same approach he employs to solve real murder cases.

Detective J. Warner Wallace was skeptical of the Bible's claims about Jesus. But he'd investigated several no-body homicide cases in which there was no crime scene, no physical evidence, and no victim's body. He wondered if the truth about the historical Jesus could be investigated in the same way.

In Person of Interest, cold-case detective and bestselling author J. Warner Wallace describes his own personal investigative journey from atheism to Christianity as he carefully sifts through the evidence from history alone, without relying on the New Testament.

In this book, you'll:

  • Understand like never before how Jesus—the most significant person in history—changed the world and why he still matters today.
  • Learn how to think like a cold-case detective by using an innovative and unique "fuse and fallout" investigative strategy, which you can also use to examine other claims of history.
  • Explore and learn how to respond to common objections to Christianity.

Creative, compelling, and fully illustrated, Person of Interest will strengthen the faith of believers while engaging those who are skeptical and distrusting of the New Testament gospel accounts.

About the Author

J. Warner Wallace is a Dateline-featured homicide detective, popular national speaker, and best-selling author. Relying on over two decades of investigative experience, Wallace provides the tools needed to investigate the claims of Christianity and make a convincing case for the truth of the Christian worldview.

  • Product Details
  • Page Count: 336
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9780310111276
  • Release: September 21, 2021
Categories Theology Apologetics
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