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Prayers and Promises When Facing a Life-Threatening Illness

30 Short Morning and Evening Reflections
Edward G. Dobson
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Having a life-threatening illness is a constant reminder that today is precious. Prayers and Promises When Facing a Life-Threatening Illness offers encouragement and hope to those who suffer and those who love and care for them. Written by a fellow pilgrim on his own journey with Lou Gehrig’s disease, this powerful and inspiring devotional guide offers thirty short reflections to nurture your faith and boost your strength.Each reflection is a small dose of spiritual truth to start or complete your day. Morning selections include a brief prayer and reflection. Evening readings are based on God’s promises to encourage and enlighten you. Some of the prayers and promises include:• God, remind me that there is more to life than this disease.• God, give me strength to believe that you can heal me.• God, give me something to laugh about.• God, help me to leave a legacy for my family.• God, I don’t feel like praying.After completing the thirty-day cycle, Dr. Dobson encourages you to repeat it again and again for continued spiritual nourishment that is needed during this time.

About the Author

Ed Dobson, pastor emeritus of Calvary Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, serves as an advisory editor for Christianity Today and consulting editor for Leadership. He holds an earned doctorate from the University of Virginia, was named "Pastor of the Year" by Moody Bible Institute, and is author of numerous books, including Prayers and Promises When Facing a Life-Threatening Illness. He moved to the United States in 1964 from Northern Ireland and now lives with his family in Grand Rapids.
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  • Page Count: 160
  • Format: Hardcover, Jacketed
  • ISBN: 9780310274278
  • Release: April 29, 2007