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Rooted Leadership Video Study

Seeking God’s Answers to the Eleven Core Questions Every Leader Faces
John Johnson
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Rich Christian Theology for Leaders Marked by Character, Wisdom, and Competence.

We yearn for leadership marked by character, wisdom, and competence. Sadly, many leaders fall short in one or more of these areas, making them ineffective. In the Rooted Leadership Video Study, John E. Johnson explores how Christian theology provides a sound basis for healthy leadership. Building on three decades of research and experience as a global leader, Johnson surveys the landscape of contemporary leadership theory, unpacks the assumptions and beliefs that underlie current trends, and responds by offering a robust approach to leadership founded on the character, work, and words of God.

Session Titles and Runtimes:

1 - What Is the Logical Framework for Approaching Leadership? (20 min)

2 - Why Is God's the Best Definition of Leadership? (21 min)

3 - Are Leaders Really Necessary? (18 min)

4 - How Does One Become a Leader? (19 min)

5 - Can One Lead without Admirable Character? (19 min)

6 - Why Is God's Wisdom Essential for Sound Leadership? (20 min)

7 - What Skills Are Needed to Be a Competent Leader? (22 min)

8 - What Tasks Must Every Leader Carry Out? (18 min)

9 - How Does God Turn the World's Assumptions of Power Upside Down? (20 min)

10 - Why Is Suffering Beneficial to Great Leadership? (24 min)

11 - Is There a Future for Leadership? (16 min)

About the Author

John Johnson is associate professor of pastoral theology at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. Previously, he served as lead pastor at Village Church in Portland. He has over three decades of experience leading churches in the United States and the Netherlands, and has worked with leaders in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. He has a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary.

John is the author of Life Under an Open Heaven as well as Missing Voices: Learning to Lead Beyond Our Horizons and has written journal articles for Bibliotheca Sacra, Trinity Journal, Resonance, and Didaktikos. He writes a weekly blog (

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  • ISBN: 9780310147565
  • Release: January 31, 2023