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Solution-Focused Pastoral Counseling

An Effective Short-Term Approach for Getting People Back on Track
Charles Allen Kollar
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An original, effective, and time-saving approach that benefits pastors overtaxed by counseling demands—fully updated and expanded.

Professional counselor and pastor Dr. Charles Allen Kollar found that counseling does not need not be long-term or depend on psychological manipulation to produce dramatic results. In most cases, the solution lies with the counselees themselves.

Using the tested methods found in Solution-Focused Pastoral Counseling, pastors, apart from counselors, will be well equipped to:

  • help their counselees discover a solution and put it in motion speedily and productively
  • Institute healthy change by helping the counselee see and work on the solution with God’s activity already present in his/her life
  • create solutions withnot forthe counselee

Solution-Focused Pastoral Counseling does not require the counselor to be a highly trained psychological expert. It requires biblically based sensitivity and common sense. Yet this approach also recognizes its limitations and understands that there are situations in which other professional and/or medical help is required.

This book reveals the possibility of life without the problem through an understanding of what is different when the problem does not occur or is less intrusive.

About the Author

Dr. Charles Allen Kollar is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Certified Relationship Specialist, and the lead pastor at Innovation Church in Cresco, PA
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  • Page Count: 288
  • Format: Hardcover, Printed
  • ISBN: 9780310329299
  • Release: May 7, 2011
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