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Talking with Catholics about the Gospel

A Guide for Evangelicals
Christopher A. Castaldo
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In Talking with Catholics about the Gospel, author Chris Castaldo provides an easy-to-follow introduction to basic Catholic belief and practice, equipping evangelical Protestants for more fruitful spiritual conversations.

Written in accessible, non-technical language, this short book offers readers:

  • A more informed awareness of Catholicism
  • Encouragement to move from a combative posture to a gracious one
  • Clarification of erroneous caricatures of Catholics in favor of a more constructive understanding

Based in part on Castaldo's experience as a Catholic and time spent working professionally in the Catholic Church, Talking with Catholics about the Gospel gives readers a framework for recognizing where lines of similarity and difference fall between Catholics and evangelical Protestants, along with handy tips for engaging in spiritual discussions.

Readers will gain encouragement and practical insights for gracious and worthwhile discussions of faith with Catholic believers.

About the Author

Chris Castaldo (PhD) was raised on Long Island, New York, as a Roman Catholic and worked full-time in the Catholic Church for several years. After eight years as pastor of outreach and church planting at College Church (Wheaton, Ill.), followed by three years as Director of the Ministry of Gospel Renewal at Wheaton College, Chris currently serves as Lead Pastor of New Covenant Church in Naperville, IL. He is the author of Holy Ground: Walking with Jesus as a Former Catholic and Talking with Catholics about the Gospel: A Guide for Evangelicals. Chris blogs at


In Talking with Catholics about the Gospel, Chris displays his keen understanding of church history and systematic theology, helping Evangelicals to understand and relate constructively to Catholics. This work is highly recommended. -- Ralph E. Mackenzie, coauthor of Roman Catholics and Evangelicals: Agreements and Differences

Chris Castaldo doesn’t just write about the need for grace and truth as we Protestants talk with Roman Catholics. I have seen him model grace and truth in personal evangelism, discipleship, and preaching. No matter what you know or don’t know about Catholicism, you can learn from his example and experience. -- Collin Hansen, editorial director of The Gospel Coalition

This book is a gift to those of us with dearly loved family and friends who are Catholic. I do not know of any other evangelical resource on Catholicism so careful to avoid caricature, and so deeply committed to winning souls, not arguments, amid all the complexities. The issues are not simple. Chris Castaldo knows firsthand the difficulties and possibilities, and he is a trustworthy guide as we dream and pray and seek to speak with gentleness and patience and clarity. -- David Mathis, executive editor,; elder, Cities Church, Minneapolis

Chris Castaldo’s voice is a valuable one for evangelical Protestants. In this book he speaks as a man raised and nurtured in the Catholic Church, a careful student of ecclesial and theological history, and a Protestant pastor with a heart to shepherd people in the way of Christ and his Word. These various strands of his life coalesce here in a truly helpful “guide for Evangelicals” that points us toward more accurate understanding, more careful words, and more loving lives of witness among our Catholic friends and loved ones. -- Kathleen Nielson, PhD, Director of Women’s Initiatives, The Gospel Coalition

What you hold in your hands is a rare gem of a book. The author, a former Catholic who is now an evangelical Protestant theologian, very humbly and faithfully addresses the central differences between Catholics and Evangelicals about grace and saving faith. Reading the first chapter alone will likely transform your own perspective if you will allow “grace and truth” to sink deeply into your heart! I wish every Evangelical former Catholic that I know would read this fair-minded book. I also hope my Catholic brothers and sisters will read this fine book and continue our important dialogue in good faith. Chris pulls no punches and writes with Christian love. -- John H. Armstrong, President of ACT3 and author of Your Church Is Too Small

This is an excellent guide for Evangelicals about how to relate to Roman Catholics and share the gospel with them. Chris Castaldo is well qualified for this task both by his own experience and by his studies. He manages to convey the key points with great clarity. Much to be recommended. -- Tony Lane, Professor of Historical Theology, London School of Theology

Talking with Catholics is vintage Castaldo – deeply pastoral, generous to the other side, full of humor, and insightful about the issues that really matter. The author finds the perfect balance of truth and love. He doesn’t misrepresent the Catholic Church, yet he tests every claim by the Word of God. Castaldo has written a book that anyone who loves a Roman Catholic friend or relative should own. In a dialogue that is too often harsh and painful, Talking with Catholics shows us how to be truly Christian. -- Bryan M. Litfin, Professor of Theology, Moody Bible Institute

Writing with a clear mind and a warm heart, Chris Castaldo guides the reader through the complex and multifaceted world of Catholicism. If you have Catholic family or friends, are interested in sharing the gospel more effectively, or simply want to understand Catholicism better, you need this book. -- Colin Smith, Senior Pastor, The Orchard

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  • Page Count: 192
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9780310518143
  • Release: March 31, 2015