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The Challenge of Bible Translation

Communicating God's Word to the World
Zondervan (Author) , Kenneth L. Barker (Contributor) , D. A. Carson (Contributor) , Charles H. Cosgrove (Contributor) , Kent Eaton (Contributor) , Dick T. France (Contributor) , Andreas J. Kostenberger (Contributor) , Douglas J. Moo (Contributor) , Moisés Silva (Contributor) , James D. Smith III (Contributor) , John H. Stek (Contributor) , Ronald Veenker (Contributor) , Larry L. Walker (Contributor) , Bruce K. Waltke (Contributor) , Walter W. Wessel (Contributor) , Herbert M. Wolf (Contributor) , Glen G. Scorgie (General Editor) , Mark L. Strauss (General Editor) , Steven M. Voth (General Editor)
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An In-Depth Look at Bible Translation·The concerns, issues, and approaches·The history·The ins and outs of the translation taskWith a reach that covers the entire globe, the Bible is the best-selling, most earnestly studied book of all time. It has been translated into well over 1,000 languages, from those of global reach such as English, French, and Arabic, to a myriad of isolated tribal tongues. Yet while most readers of the English Bible have a favorite version, few understand how the different translations came about, or why there are so many, or what determines whether a particular translation is trustworthy.Written in tribute to one of today’s true translation luminaries, Dr. Ronald Youngblood, The Challenge of Bible Translation will open your eyes to the principles, the methods, the processes, and the intricacies of translating the Bible into language that communicates clearly, accurately, and powerfully to readers of many countries and cultures. This remarkable volume marshals the contributions of foremost translators and linguists. Never before has a single book shed so much light on Bible translation in so accessible a fashion. In three parts, this compendium gives scholars, students, and interested Bible readers an unprecedented grasp of:1. The Theory of Bible Translation2. The History of Bible Translation3. The Practice of Bible TranslationThe Challenge of Bible Translation will give you a new respect for the diligence, knowledge, and care required to produce a good translation. It will awaken you to the enormous cost some have paid to bring the Bible to the world. And it will deepen your understanding of and appreciation for the priceless gift of God’s written Word. ContributorsKenneth L. BarkerD. A. CarsonCharles H. CosgroveKent A. EatonDick FranceDavid Noel FreedmanAndreas J. KöstenbergerDavid MianoDouglas J. MooGlen G. ScorgieMoisés SilvaJames D. Smith IIIJohn H. StekMark L. StraussRonald A. VeenkerSteven M. VothLarry Lee WalkerBruce K. WaltkeWalter W. WesselHerbert M. Wolf

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  • Page Count: 430
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9780310246855
  • Release: May 12, 2003