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The Forgotten Jesus

How Western Christians Should Follow an Eastern Rabbi
Robby Gallaty
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We have lost an essential understanding of Jesus—his Jewishness.

Through the years, our understanding of Jesus has been shaped by different cultural influences, and many Western Christians have formed an inaccurate perspective of Jesus and his teachings, beliefs, and ways of acting.

In Robby Gallaty's deeply reformative book, he reveals the essential Hebraic culture, customs, and nuances many Christians have forgotten or never learned. And he argues that as long as Jesus's Jewish context is misplaced and misunderstood, our understanding of the Bible, our faith, and the church falls far short.

The Forgotten Jesus will open your eyes to:

  • The first-century world in which Jesus lived and its connection to the time of the Old Testament.
  • The vast differences between the Western and Middle Eastern mind, and how our modern approach to understanding the Bible is influenced far more by the Greeks and Romans than by a Hebrew way of thinking.
  • Essential textual connections between the parts of the Bible that we often overlook.
  • Important Hebraic perspectives on the Messiah to point out some errors many Christians have believed through the years.
  • Why Jesus’s words on the cross about God forsaking him may have deeper meaning than we realize.

By uncovering the teaching of the first- and second-century rabbis and Christian theologians, and highlighting little-known Jewish idioms and traditions, Gallaty takes Christians on a biblical journey to rediscover a forgotten Jesus from a biblical perspective, deepening your relationship with God.

About the Author

Robby Gallaty (PhD, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary) is the Senior Pastor of Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville, TN. He was radically saved out of a life of drug addiction on November 12, 2002. In 2008, he founded Replicate Ministries to educate, equip, and empower believers to make disciples who make disciples ( He is the author of Rediscovering Discipleship, Growing Up, Firmly Planted, and Bearing Fruit. Robby and his wife Kandi are the proud parents of two sons, Rig and Ryder.


Robby’s passion for Jesus ignites and unites the way he thinks, speaks, and acts. His design in this book is to help you do the same. To my mind, he achieves that goal. Do you crave to love God as Father the way Jesus did? Read on! And may the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob grant you the desire of your heart. -- James Whitman, Director, Center for Judaic-Christian Studies

For many years, First Fruits of Zion has aimed to help Christians to know Jesus better by seeing Him in His Jewish context. Pastor Robby Gallaty is a pastor and Bible teacher who shares that vision. His new book The Forgotten Jesus will help Christians to remember the Jewish Jesus who has largely been forgotten. Read this book if you want to know and follow our Master better! -- Boaz Michael, Founder and Director of First Fruits of Zion in Jerusalem, Israel

The message of Jesus may be timeless. But his life, teachings, death, and resurrection were all time-stamped. They took place in the real word at a specific time and place. In The Forgotten Jesus, Robby Gallaty helps us better understand the long-forgotten culture and context of Jesus's life and ministry so that we may better grasp the timeless beauty and power of his gospel. ---Larry Osborne, Pastor and Author, -- Larry Osborne, Pastor and Author, North Coast Church, Vista, California

Looking for something new? Look to something old! This book is “gold” with fresh insight to the preacher in teaching God’s Word and “gold” to believers in seeing new understanding into the New Testament by looking to the old---the Old Testament. Don’t miss this treasure that God has revealed through Robby Gallaty. -- Bryant Wright, Senior Pastor of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, Marietta, Georgia

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  • Page Count: 224
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9780310529231
  • Release: April 4, 2017