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The Psychology of the Fruit of the Spirit

The Biblical Portrayal of the Christlike Character and Its Development
Zoltán Dörnyei
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For centuries, the fruit of the Spirit has rightfully served as a wellspring of reflection on the virtues that epitomize the Christian life and character-building. However, the notion of the fruit of the Spirit is not limited solely to forming the biblical foundation of ethical living.

Psychologist and theologian Zoltán Dörnyei argues that if we understand the nine attributes collectively as a concise portrayal of the ideal Christian self, this approach places the notion of the fruit of the Spirit at the intersection of several important theological themes, such as being conformed to the divine image, the gradual advancement of the kingdom of God, and new creation. In The Psychology of the Fruit of the Spirit, Dörnyei offers a scholarly exposition of the relevant theological content associated with the fruit of the Spirit. Complementing his theological reflections with findings from the field of psychology, he brings expertise in both psychology and theology to bear on this important biblical concept. His integrated perspective helps to uncover the full meaning and theological potential of the fruit of the Spirit by helping to clarify the nature of its nine facets, defining broader psychological dimensions that underlie the fruit, and offering practical lessons for cultivating it in the Christian life.

About the Author

Zoltán Dörnyei (PhD [Psycholinguistics], Eötvös University, Budapest; PhD [Theology], Durham University) is professor of psycholinguistics in the School of English, University of Nottingham. His more than twenty-five books in psychology include Motivational Strategies in the Language Classroom, Research Methods in Applied Linguistics, The Psychology of Second Language Acquisition, and Engaging Language Learners in Contemporary Classrooms. His publications in theology include Christian Faith and English Language Teaching and Learning; Progressive Creation and the Struggles of Humanity in the Bible: A Canonical Narrative Interpretation; and Vision, Mental Imagery and the Christian Life: Insights from Science and Scripture.

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  • Page Count: 304
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9780310128458
  • Release: November 1, 2022