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The Weary Leader’s Guide to Burnout

A Journey from Exhaustion to Wholeness
Sean Nemecek
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In The Weary Leader's Guide to Burnout, Sean Nemecek takes Christian leaders on a journey from burnout through recovery and on to spiritual transformation. By understanding the causes and symptoms of their burnout, these leaders will be ready to take practical, actionable steps toward wholeness. Then, if they choose, they will be poised to do the inner work of spiritual transformation by the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit. In the end, these leaders will emerge from burnout more confident in Christ, more connected with others, and with greater purpose, courage, and grace in their leadership.

This book integrates biblical interpretation, theology, psychology, and contemplative spirituality into a holistic approach to recovery. It is filled with relatable stories of church leaders who have walked this path and includes discussion questions for personal contemplation or group discussion. The Weary Leader's Guide to Burnout will help pastors and Christian leaders develop an integrated approach to life, work, and ministry through healing and spiritual transformation.

About the Author

Sean Nemecek is the West Michigan Regional Director for Pastor-in-Residence Ministries (, where his primary focus is on coaching pastors through burnout and recovery. Before joining PIR, Sean served as a pastor in a local church for almost 18 years. He and his wife, Amy, have been married for 24 years and have one son, Benjamin.

  • Product Details
  • Page Count: 272
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9780310144502
  • Release: March 28, 2023