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Understanding Spiritual Gifts Video Study

Sam Storms
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In this 18-session video study on the spiritual gifts, Sam Storms addresses the many bizarre and misleading understandings of the miraculous gifts of the Spirit and confronts the tendency to downplay their importance for Christian living and ministry. He unpacks the glorious truth that God desires to deepen the manifestation of his power through us in ever more demonstrative and tangible ways and how spiritual gifts, both the more miraculous and the somewhat mundane, are given to encourage, edify, strengthen, instruct, and console one another, all with a view to an ever-increasing, incremental transformation into the image of Jesus Christ.

Understanding Spiritual Gifts Video Study addresses common questions about the gifts and provides practical training for using and exercising the gifts in ministry. It is perfect for any individual or group who wants to grow in their understanding of the gifts for today.

Session Titles and Runtimes:

1 - Supernatural Power for Life and Ministry (27 min)

2 - Spiritual Gifts: What Are They, and Why Does God Give Them? (26 min)

3 - How Many Spiritual Gifts Are There, and How Many Might a Christian Receive? (26 min)

4 - Our Responsibility to Desire and Pray for Spiritual Gifts (24 min)

5 - Biblical and Theological Arguments in Support of Cessationism (31 min)

6 - Biblical and Theological Arguments in Support of Continuationism (21 min)

7 - The Evidence from Church History (24 min)

8 - Word of Wisdom and Word of Knowledge (19 min)

9 - The Nature and Purpose of the Spiritual Gift of Prophecy (28 min)

10 - Is the New Testament Spiritual Gift of Prophecy Different from Old Testament Prophecy? (35 min)

11 - Judging Prophetic Utterances, and the Spiritual Gift of Discerning of Spirits (30 min)

12 - Deciphering the Gift of Speaking in Tongues (29 min)

13 - Does God Want All Christians to Speak in Tongues? And What about the Gift of Interpretation? (28 min)

14 - The Spiritual Gift of Faith and Its Relationship to Healing (35 min)

15 - Miracles and the Spiritual Gift of Miracles (28 min)

16 - What about the Spiritual Gifts in Romans 12:6-8 and Ephesians 4:11? (19 min)

17 - Is Apostleship a Spiritual Gift, an Office, or Both? (21 min)

18 - The Qualifications for Apostleship, or Are There Apostles in the Church Today? (31 min)

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  • Format: DVD
  • ISBN: 9780310111528
  • Release: September 28, 2021