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Worship Evangelism

Inviting Unbelievers into the Presence of God
Sally Morgenthaler
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In Worship Evangelism, Sally Morgenthaler calls the church to consider the remarkable, untapped potential of worship as an opportunity of those who aren't yet followers of Jesus Christ as well as those who are to encounter the presence of God. Combining the best of traditional and contemporary worship music and practices, Morgenthaler shows how to achieve worship that's both culturally relevant and authentic. She helps pastors, worship leaders, and musicians - Understand worship and its attraction for non-Christians - Tear down walls that keep unbelievers from meeting God in church worship - Make worship evangelism happen--in any culture Morgenthaler draws on sound research and her extensive experience as a worship leader to offer an energetic, hands-on approach. Now with a study guide that encourages group discussion and personal action, this timely book offers fresh vision for worship evangelism and provides the strategies to implement it.

About the Author

Sally Morgenthaler is a worship consultant, speaker, and writer. Formerly a church worship coordinator, she now leads seminars on worship throughout the US and Canada. She lives in Littleton, Colorado.


'...clearly one of the most important books on worship in the generation....Her exploration of 'buster' worship is essential reading for those who want to develop a new generation of believers and leaders....Morgenthaler has sounded a prophetic wake-up call....Believers must yield mind, heart and soul to God and thus enable seekers to become worshipers and believers. This book is must reading for church leaders who want to make that connection.' -- John Throop

'Sally Morgenthaler has given us the best guidebook I have seen toward this understanding [of the radical changes occurring in Christian worship].' -- C. Peter Wagner

''Worship Evangelism' is the most significant book on 21st-century worship published in the 20th century.' -- Leonard Sweet, Author

'In a day and age when people are desperately wanting and needing to 'taste and see that the Lord is good,' God has provided people like Sally Morgenthaler to point the way. I highly recommend this book to anyone responsible for ushering people into the presence of God.' -- Don Cousins, Founder and President

''Worship Evangelism strikes at the heart of a very important current issue. Morgenthaler shows us that evangelism does not have to be severed from worship as though there is no relationship between the two. True worship is characterized by a converting power - what the ancient church called the 'real presence'; what the contemporary church calls the 'manifest presence.'' -- Robert E. Webber, Professor

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  • Page Count: 320
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9780310226499
  • Release: January 3, 1999