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Zondervan Dictionary of Biblical Imagery

John A. Beck
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Understand the Message of the Bible More Fully as You Grasp the Meaning and Significance of Unfamiliar Biblical Images.

Manna. Meggido. Millstone. Myrrh. For regular Bible readers, these are familiar words. Yet the images, connotations, and essence which lie behind such words can escape us. The fullest meaning of a Bible passage can be missed by contemporary readers by this lack of understanding. The good news is that it is possible for modern Bible readers to catch up with ancient readers by immersing ourselves more deeply in the places, culture, and images of the ancient world.

Full of numerous black & white visuals, the Zondervan Dictionary of Biblical Imagery contains accessible and well-illustrated entries to help you grasp the meaning and significance of unfamiliar biblical images. Each entry includes a description of the image or object under consideration, examples of the image in the Bible, and applicable photos or maps.

Entries cover:

  • Cultural artifacts from the biblical world (such as arrow or sandal)
  • Components of natural history (such as fox or fig tree)
  • Named places (such as Mount Sinai or Nazareth)
  • Components of Israel's physical geography (such as mountain or wilderness)

Students of Scripture will find the Zondervan Dictionary of Biblical Imagery to be a fascinating and inspiring portal to the biblical world. With the Zondervan Dictionary of Biblical Imagery as your guide, you will gain information and inspiration for understanding the message of the Bible.

About the Author

John Beck earned his ThM and PhD from Trinity International University and is currently an adjunct instructor for Jerusalem University College. His passion to aid others in their Bible reading has led to the publication of a variety of books, including The Land of Milk and Honey, God as Storyteller, and A Visual Guide to Bible Events.
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  • Page Count: 288
  • Format: Hardcover, Printed
  • ISBN: 9780310292852
  • Release: January 8, 2011