Blog Tour Round Up and Reviews – The King Jesus Gospel

ZA Blog on September 24th, 2011.

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Kingjesusgospel2 From Rachel Held Evans

"The guy next to me on my flight from Chicago to Santa Ana last week was the perfect seatmate—chatty during takeoff and landing, asleep for the rest of the flight. I was thankful for the quiet time because I got to spend the four-hour flight completely engrossed in a book that revolutionized my perspective on my Christian faith—The King Jesus Gospel by Scot McKnightIn short, I can’t recommend this book enough.  It will challenge you, inspire you, frustrate you, and wreak havoc on you—all the things that a good book about Jesus should do."

Also, Andrew Perriman interacts with McKnight, and voices some concerns.

"The problem lies in the argument that Jesus completes Israel’s story, because what it gives with one hand, it takes away with the other: it is an argument both for narrative and for the termination of narrative."


Here is a round up of all the posts from this week's blog tour. Thank you to all who participated!

All Loved says "a thought-provoking read"

Baker Book House Church Connection "McKnight is pushing us forward and challenging us to think in Biblical categories and for that we can all be grateful."

Bible X wonders if linking the Gospel to Israel's story is reductionistic.

BillyVs Quickhits offers the first in a multi-part review.

Blogging Theologically found it to be "thought-provoking, challenging but sadly disjointed"

Brian LePort shares at Near Emmaus "Great, great, great book! Like Wright said in his forward you won’t agree with everything, but you be challenged"

Conversant Life hopes "that McKnight continues to reach across ‘party lines’."

Craig Hurst feels that “The King Jesus Gospel has set the standard for the future of the discussion on the gospel.”

Desperate Theologian previews the debate behind the book.

Developing Theology “I enthusiastically commend this great little book”

Exploring Apprenticeship reflects on what The King Jesus Gospel has to say to the Stone-Campbell/Restoration movement.

Faith Reasonings asks if we can have a Gospel which doesn’t result in a changed life.

G.A. Dietrich overcomes his initial suspicions.

iCrucified believes this is “an important book” and demonstrates why.

Jacob Sweeny weighs agreements and disagreements.

Keeping the Main Thing asks if McKnight is adding to the confusion.

Loudon's Leaf argues we cannot separate the Gospel from personal salvation.

Paul's Pensees wonders if we really know what the Gospel is.

Mark Stevens "I can highly recommend this book to Pastors and lay people alike."

Mgpc Pastor asks if the Gospel debate is an American preoccupation.

Pastor Jon suggests The King Jesus Gospel is groundwork for a larger conversation.

Seeking the Truth says "I found reading it to be a deeply enriching and encouraging experience. The church needs this book"

Theatrical Theology wonders if we should separate the Gospel from its results.

The Burner Blog “In The King Jesus Gospel, McKnight offers a tremendous resource for those of us who desire to put the pieces together again and emerge with confidence in the good news of Jesus Christ.

At The Pangea Blog Kurt compares the Gospel Scot describes with the 4 Spiritual Laws.

The Squirrel Factor says “you will yell ‘AMEN BROTHER SCOT!’ at one point and totally disagree with him in another.  And that's just the kind of book I adore!  This is a keeper.”

Vannostrand appreciated McKnight’s argument despite some disagreements.

Words with Nate sees the book as an important clarifier.