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August 25, 2008 | bill-mounce
Monday with Mounce 4: Quotation Marks and Translation by William D. Mounce
Passage: Romans 3:27 I’ve been musing on the role of punctuation in translation, and last week we looked at the dash in Romans 3:25. In v 27...
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August 22, 2008 | ZA Blog
Reclaiming the Old Testament in the Church — By John H. Walton
What would account for how few sermons are preached on the Old Testament? Its canonical status is no less than that of the New Testament, a...
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August 20, 2008 | ZA Blog
Word Study: Koinonia 3
This past weekend I watched portions of the Saddleback Civil Forum, where Rick Warren interviewed the two presidential candidates.  The...
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August 19, 2008 | ZA Blog
A Dead Sea Scroll in Stone — Walter C. Kaiser Jr.
Quite a stir has been fomented in recent weeks over what is being nick-named "A Dead Sea Scroll in Stone." This three-foot-tall tablet of 8...
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August 18, 2008 | bill-mounce
Monday with Mounce 3: Punctuation (dashes) By Bill Mounce
Verse: Romans 3:25 I don’t think I have ever been in a Greek class — either as a student or a teacher — in which punctuation was discussed a...
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August 15, 2008 | ZA Blog
Digitally Preserving Ancient Christian Scriptures
By Daniel B. Wallace
Almost as soon as the spring semester concluded, I’ve been on the go. On May 23, I went to Albania for a week, then to Greece for three week...
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August 14, 2008 | ZA Blog
On China — By Tremper Longman III
In the past year I had the incredible privilege of teaching a course on Torah and Wisdom at the University of Peking in Beijing and then to ...
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August 12, 2008 | ZA Blog
Word Study: Koinonia 2
"There is nothing like the local church when the church is being the church."  - Bill Hybels Last week I attended the Willow ...
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August 11, 2008 | bill-mounce
Monday with Mounce 2: Prepositions and Christology by William D. Mounce
Passage: 1 Timothy 1:2 Key terms: Prepositions, Christology, deity “Grace, mercy, and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord” (...
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August 8, 2008 | ZA Blog
Demystifying Bible Translation and Where Our Culture Is with Inclusive Language — By Craig Blomberg
Last month I was initiated into the work of the NIV/TNIV Committee on Bible Translation. We met for five days and worked for forty hours at...
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August 6, 2008 | ZA Blog
Hermeneutics and Children's Curriculum — By John Walton
Seminaries and grad programs that train pastors, and the academics who teach in those programs are very concerned about proper hermeneutics....
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August 5, 2008 | ZA Blog
Word Study: Koinonia 1
As an associate pastor in Northern California a couple years ago, my wife and I experienced something which we have tried to recapture, and...
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August 4, 2008 | ZA Blog
Report on the Society of New Testament Studies Meeting In Lund, Sweden and the Gospel of Judas by Darrell L. Bock
The following post, somewhat expanded, also appears on Darrell Bock’s blog. Lund University, Sweden Just finished the SNTS meetings in Lun...
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August 4, 2008 | bill-mounce
Monday with Mounce 1
Passage: Romans 1:5 Key terms: Genitive Paul begins his letter to the church at Rome by saying that through Jesus Christ “we have received...
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