What Are the Common Themes and Issues in the Catholic Epistles? — An Excerpt from “A Theology of James, Peter, and Jude”

Jeremy Bouma on 3 years ago. Tagged under ,,,,,.

In his new book A Theology of James, Peter, and Jude (Biblical Theology of the New Testament), Peter H. Davids says “While at first blush it looks as if there are few common themes and issues in these works, a closer look identifies a number of them.” (23)

In the introduction to his volume Davids identifies eight specific themes and issues common to James, Peter, and Jude:

Shared Greco-Roman background; Common theology; Christology; View of the source of sin; Eschatology; Carry an implied authorship; Pseudonymous works; Similar ecclesiological stances;

In the excerpt below we’ve highlighted three of these shared themes to give you a taste of the scope of Davids’s work. Be sure to add his incisive resource to your collection today to enhance your teaching and preaching ministry.

While at first blush it…

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