Bruce Waltke on the reign of Humanity

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Queen elizabeth "As we step out onto the stage of life, we are to understand that the blessed God crowned all of us, not just the kings and priests who rule us, to reign with glory and honor and dignity.

C.S. Lewis remarked at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953 that 'the pressing of that huge, heavy crown on that small, young head was a symbol of the situation of all men.' God has called humanity to be his vice-regents and high priests on earth…

After the Fall, however, without God and his wisdom, generic adam is brutish, a tyrant (Prov. 30:2-2; cf. Ps. 73:22); with God and his revelation, adam is humane, crowned with dignity and honor.

In other words,…

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Bruce Waltke – New Paper on Evolutionary Process

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Waltkeb Bruce Waltke has a new paper posted on The Biologos Foundation website, "Barriers to Accepting the Possibility of Creation by Means of an Evolutionary Process."

Download the full PDF here. (Posted here with the permission of the BioLogos Foundation.)

Other scholarly essays in the BioLogos collection can be found here.

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