Either Lord or Lunatic – An Excerpt from Core Christianity

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One doctrine especially core to Christianity concerns the identity of Christ: Is Jesus God?

As C. S. Lewis suggested over a half century ago, we are faced with the choice that either Jesus is Lord or he was a lunatic. March down through the centuries – from modern day to those who witnessed the life of Jesus – and you will see how the answer to this one question shapes how one views the world. In this excerpt from Core Christianity, Michael Horton walks the reader through the claim, the case and how the skeptics respond.


JESUS IS GOD. We know this because of the clear claims he made concerning himself and the fact that he rose from the dead just as he promised. Knowing that Christianity stands or falls with this claim, skeptics have focused all their critical…

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Bruce Waltke on the reign of Humanity

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Queen elizabeth "As we step out onto the stage of life, we are to understand that the blessed God crowned all of us, not just the kings and priests who rule us, to reign with glory and honor and dignity.

C.S. Lewis remarked at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953 that 'the pressing of that huge, heavy crown on that small, young head was a symbol of the situation of all men.' God has called humanity to be his vice-regents and high priests on earth…

After the Fall, however, without God and his wisdom, generic adam is brutish, a tyrant (Prov. 30:2-2; cf. Ps. 73:22); with God and his revelation, adam is humane, crowned with dignity and honor.

In other words,…

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Wednesday Giveaway – The Inklings of Oxford

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Inklings As I look out my window there is snow on the ground for the first time this year. Since I’ve got a fair amount of Christmas spirit at the moment, I’m alright with that.  

Since Wednesday has come around yet again you have a chance for a bit of an early Christmas as well with today’s giveaway. Or, perhaps the chance to cover a small part of your holiday shopping for friends and family.

Today’s giveaway, at least in part because I inexplicably associate The Chronicles of Narnia with Christmas, is The Inklings of Oxford by Harry Lee Poe.

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Scot McKnight
Influential Books and Authors series: McKnight on Dietrich Bonhoeffer, C.S. Lewis and others

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Each week in Influential Books and Authors we hear from a noted scholar on the author(s) and book(s) that have been most important to them for spiritual and intellectual growth. This week we feature New Testament scholar, Scot McKnight.

Scot McKnight (PhD, Nottingham) is Karl A. Olsson professor of religious studies at North Park College, Chicago, Illinois. He is the author of several books, including Galatians and 1 Peter in the NIV Application Commentary series, The Blue Parakeet, and the award-winning The Jesus Creed.

Pop Quiz: Who can correctly spell the author of the New Testament theology that Scot mentions (it’s the second book he talks about) – without looking it up first?


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Where is the Best Sticky Toffee Pudding? by Harry Lee Poe

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Poeh After I wrote the text for The Inklings of Oxford, Jim Veneman and I went for a ten day photo shoot in Oxford. We stayed in my old college, Regent’s Park, in St. Giles. Regent’s Park shares a common wall with the Eagle and Child. Regent’s Park also owns property included in the college where Tolkien and his wife first lived in Oxford.

For all the continuity of Oxford over centuries, the town is a vastly different place from what I knew when I was there in the 1970s. In those days only one place in town served pizza, and they made it with cheddar cheese. Fast food could be found at only a few spots, and the ubiquitous baguette and panini shops had not yet made their way across the English Channel from the Continent. Most important of all, I never tasted sticky toffee pudding in college or out, so our photo shoot turned into an occasion to pursue the best sticky toffee pudding in Oxford, which required us to have it for desert every night.

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Inklings of Oxford: Photography Blog 3 by Jim Veneman

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The Photography

JimVeneman-200 As photography goes, I’ve always had a tendency to operate on the side of simplicity. Some of my finest feel-good moments have come when reading quotes from well known photographers who said that all they really need is one body and a couple of lenses. Now that’s my kind of photography.

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Walk Oxford with the Inklings

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Because it's Inklings Week we're taking a break today from our normal Thursday series: "Influential Books and Authors" to feature this new video from The Inklings of Oxford.

Numerous walking tours of Oxford and other Inklings' hot spots are included in the back of the book. This video features the walking tour from Carfax Tower to New College. More posts from Hal and Jim to come tomorrow. Enjoy!


Have you ever been to Oxford? What did you see?

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The Inklings of Oxford: Photography Blog 2 by Jim Veneman

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The Plan

JimVeneman-200 Ten days. That’s all the time we had to photograph our way through Hal Poe’s list of essential people and places. But with a book deadline heading our way even quicker than the autumn leaves, we needed to accomplish more on this trip than the photography.

Before leaving England, we needed to have made image selections for specific passages of text. This meant that when the shooting day came to a close, we were not quite finished. Evenings were reserved for editing.

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Influential Books and Authors: Greg Koukl discusses C.S. Lewis

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Each week in Influential Books and Authors we hear from a noted scholar on the author(s) and book(s) that have been most important to them for spiritual and intellectual growth. This week, Greg Koukl shares on the importance of C.S. Lewis.


Greg Koukl holds MA degrees in both apologetics and philosophy. He’s spoken on overTactics 50 university campuses and hosted his own radio talk show for 18 years defending “Christianity Worth Thinking About.” Greg is founder and president of Stand to Reason (www.str.org) and serves as adjunct professor of Christian apologetics at Biola University. He is author of the new book, Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing your Christian Convictions.

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