Is the Reformation Finished?

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“We cannot judge whether it is finished, of course, unless we understand how it began.”

In today’s excerpt taken from The Unfinished Reformation: What Unites and Divides Catholics and Protestants after 500 Years, authors Gregg Allison and Chris Castaldo highlight the importance of understanding the starting point of the Reformation in order to discern whether it is finished.


9780310527930Looking back five hundred years confronts us with an era of momentous change in which many Christians desired renewed faith. Men and women returned to Scripture and the writings of the early church, igniting what some have described as “another Pentecost” or “light after darkness.” Five centuries later, we call it the Reformation. Not everyone, however, regarded the movement as divine illumination. Some viewed…

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How Do You Share the Gospel with Catholics?— An Excerpt from “Talking with Catholics About the Gospel”

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9780310518143Chris Castaldo is often asked whether Catholics “are going to heaven.” He typically responds that only God knows anyone’s soul, before saying that a number of Catholics are genuinely born again, while others have not personally appropriated the gospel.

It’s among these people Castaldo is compelled to share the good news. He’s also compelled to help Evangelicals talk with them about the gospel.

In his new book Talking with Catholics about the Gospel Castaldo provides an easy-to-follow introduction to basic Catholic belief and practice, equipping Evangelicals for more fruitful spiritual conversations.

Castaldo says John 1:14 should be at the forefront of our reflection: “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us…full of grace and truth..”

How do you share the gospel with Catholics? Two…

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