Flash Sale: Select eBook Counterpoints are just $3.99!

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Counterpoint 2016

Doubter. Skeptic. Questioner.

Do these words describe you when it comes to issues like: The existence of Hell? The historical Adam? Whether or not Jesus is the only way to God?

The Counterpoints series was written with your questions in mind!

For a brief time, selected Counterpoints eBooks are on sale for just $3.99.

Dig into your doubt with these titles and more: Four Views on Hell

Four Views on Hell | With contributions John F. Walvoord, Zachary J. Hayes and Clark H. Pinnock and edited by William Crockett.

The authors meet this subject head-on with different views on what the Scriptures say. The interactive Counterpoints forum allows the reader to see the four views on hell—literal, metaphorical, conditional, and…

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SALE on Counterpoints eBooks: Each Just $4.99

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For just this week we are excited to offer an eBook sale on every volume in the Counterpoints series!

The Counterpoints series is indispensable for understanding different views on Christianity’s vital issues. The series covers diverse topics in the areas of theology, biblical studies, and church life including volumes on the Trinity, the historical Adam, hell, biblical inerrancy, baptism, the rapture, women in ministry, eternal security, and much more.

These volumes feature contributions from some of today’s most respected scholars and theologians including Michael F. Bird, Wayne A. Grudem, Michael Horton, Craig S. Keener, Tremper Longman III, Douglas J. Moo, Thomas R. Schreiner, Kevin J. Vanhoozer, and many more.

This sale includes the newest additions to the series:

9780310514947 Genesis: History, Fiction, or Neither? | Edited by Charles…

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Wednesday Giveaway – Four Views on the Role of Works at the Final Judgment

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Four Views on The Role of Works at the Final JudgmentAt the end of the age, will our works in this life have bearing on our salvation? And if so, how?

That is the question addressed by this week’s giveaway, the just-released Four Views on the Role of Works at the Final Judgment.

In this new addition to the Counterpoints series, Robert N. Wilkin, Thomas R. Schreiner, James D. G. Dunn, and Michael P. Barber present four perspectives on the place of works at the final judgment. Those perspectives being:

Wilkin – Works will determine rewards but not salvation: At the Judgment…

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Wednesday Giveaway – Three Views on Creation and Evolution

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Three Views on Creation and Evolution As happens every so often, the creation and evolution discussion has returned to the forefront for many in the Christian community.

But how do we evaluate the theological meaning of latest scientific findings, or give fair hearing to opposing views?

In this week’s giveaway, Three Views on Creation and Evolution, Paul Nelson, Robert Newman, and Howard Van Till lay out three different approaches, and then both critique and defend each one, providing a helpful foundation for anyone engaged in this discussion. 

For Christians, the issues raised by the different views on creation and evolution are challenging. Can a "young earth" be reconciled with a universe that appears to be billions…

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Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. – The Principlizing Method

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In the coming weeks Zondervan will release Four Views on Moving Beyond the Bible to Theology offered by Daniel M. Doriani, Kevin Vanhoozer, William Webb and me. We have each expressed our solutions as to how contemporary believers can find theological and ethical answers to issues that never surfaced in Biblical times. Each of us also critiqued each other, but mercifully we did not see what the others rejected until just prior to the book’s release.

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