My Advice to Students — Mark Strauss Says, “Learn to Think Critically”

Jeremy Bouma on 4 years ago. Tagged under ,.

(Can’t see the video? Watch it here)

9780310243588Mark Strauss, author of the new ZECNT Mark commentary, says the one thing students must learn is critical thinking.

He calls it “so essential in terms of doing advanced study…and being a Christian in today’s complex world.”

Critical thinking’s fundamental for us, like a protractor is for an architect. Strauss suggests two ways to sharpen your critical thinking:

Write book reviews. Read books, seek to critically analyze them and map their strengths and weaknesses. Read broadly. “One of the mistakes students make,” Strauss says, “is they have an idea and they take that idea into the marketplace, but no one cares!” Without surveying the landscape of ideas, you’ll talk past people.

Not only is learning to think critically…

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