Explore God’s Two Books: God’s Word and God’s Works – Reflecting on “Evolution: Scripture and Nature Say Yes!”

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25% and 23%

9780310526445These two numbers represent the reason why Denis Lamoureux wrote his new book Evolution: Scripture and Nature Say Yes!

The first is the percentage of young adults who perceive Christianity as anti-science. The second is the percentage of those who have been turned off by debates surrounding evolution and creationism. Lamoureux finds both numbers shocking; he thinks you should, too.

To help mitigate the fallout of these two numbers, Lamoureux has offered readers a framework for understanding the two “Books” of God. He hopes this framework hopes will help Christian students navigate the tension of modern science and the Bible. What are these two books, you ask?

The Book of God’s Words is the Bible. Scripture reveals spiritual truths concerning our Creator, his creation and us. The Book…

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How Is “Genesis: History, Fiction, or Neither?” Distinctive Among “Genesis” Books?

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9780310514947Thanks to biblical scholars like John Walton and cultural shapers like Darren Aronofsky, there seems to have been a resurgent interest in the opening chapters of the Bible.

But where many books address Genesis 1 or 2 and 3, the broader “primeval history” chapters are often left untreated. The new book Genesis: History, Fiction, or Neither? bridges this gap in engagement by addressing Genesis 1–11 in its entirety. Because as the book’s general editor Charles Halton argues:

You can’t really discuss Genesis 1 or Genesis 2–3 without looking at it in the entire narrative that goes from Genesis 1–11.

Genesis assembles the various discussions about Genesis, origins, and the beginning of the Bible into the bigger Biblical storyline using three distinct voices and three important pericope case…

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