Women in the Bible: What We Learn from the Book of Luke

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Healing of a bleeding woman

Opponents of Christianity will often suggest that the Bible has a low view of women. It’s a patriarchal book with a patriarchal worldview. In many cases though, Scripture reveals that while that may have been true of ancient Judaism (like many other ancient cultures), God–and Jesus–honored women in profound and meaningful ways.

In his online course, A Theology of Luke and Acts, Darrell L. Bock examines the numerous passages portraying women in the Gospel of Luke. The following post is based on his course.

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How Do You Share the Gospel with Catholics?— An Excerpt from “Talking with Catholics About the Gospel”

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9780310518143Chris Castaldo is often asked whether Catholics “are going to heaven.” He typically responds that only God knows anyone’s soul, before saying that a number of Catholics are genuinely born again, while others have not personally appropriated the gospel.

It’s among these people Castaldo is compelled to share the good news. He’s also compelled to help Evangelicals talk with them about the gospel.

In his new book Talking with Catholics about the Gospel Castaldo provides an easy-to-follow introduction to basic Catholic belief and practice, equipping Evangelicals for more fruitful spiritual conversations.

Castaldo says John 1:14 should be at the forefront of our reflection: “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us…full of grace and truth..”

How do you share the gospel with Catholics? Two…

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Make This “The Year of Evangelism” by Rethinking and Redefining It — An Excerpt from “The Unbelievable Gospel”

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9780310516699In his new book The Unbelievable Gospel, Jonathan Dodson throws down a challenge for us this year:

Rethink and redefine what it means to evangelize.

His aim “is to recover a believable evangelism, one that moves beyond the cultural and personal barriers we have erected in contemporary evangelism to rediscover the power of the biblical gospel.” (14)

In order to recover a believable evangelism to share the unbelievable gospel, we need a new definition of what it means to share in the first place. In the excerpt below Dodson looks to missiologist David Bosch for help and urges us to think about and define evangelism in this way:

“Evangelism: (1) is gospel-centered, (2) is proclamation oriented, (3) calls for a response, (4) includes the church, and (5) points to…

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