When There’s No Silver Lining — John H. Walton on the Book of Job [Excerpt]

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Job Rebuked by His Friends by William Blake

Here’s a slice of John H. Walton’s NIV Application Commentary: Job.

Sometimes there is no visible silver lining, no redeeming value in sight. Sometimes those who endure difficulty feel that nothing is left but an empty shell. Some people never recover physically, emotionally, or spiritually. It is not guaranteed that we will emerge on the other side of pain strengthened by the experience. It would be naive to suggest that suffering universally results in growth. S. Cairns suggests a more nuanced perspective as he elaborates on Simone Weil’s observation that “affliction compels us to recognize as real what we do not think possible.” He observes:

The occasions of our suffering are capable of revealing what our habitual illusions often obscure, keeping us from knowing. Our afflictions drag us — more or less kicking — into a fresh and vivid awareness that…

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Wednesday Giveaway – The NIV Application Commentary on Job

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Job NIVACIt has not been out long, but John Walton’s addition of Job to the NIV Application Commentary series is already garnering some excellent reviews and sparking numerous conversations.

This week, you have a chance to win yourself a copy in our Wednesday giveaway!

Job is a fascinating book, but a difficult one as well – both to interpret and to apply. So Walton’s expertise in the context, language, and theology of the Old Testament is put to good use as he shares the riches of this ancient text with pastors, students, scholars, and other readers fascinated by the plight of Job.

In his commentary Walton addresses everything from…

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