A Theological Reformer for the Universal Church – An Excerpt from Luis de Molina

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Luis de Molina is a name familiar to some, alien to others. Yet, little is commonly known about his life. Luis de Molina by Kirk R. MacGregor is the first full-length work written on the “Life and Theology” of the religious philosopher. Enjoy this excerpt from the beginning of the book that highlights Luis de Molina’s doctrine of “middle knowledge”.


Luis de MolinaLuis de Molina (1535 – 1600) has become well-known in evangelical circles and among philosophers of religion for his doctrine of middle knowledge (Lat., scientia media). Middle knowledge is God’s knowledge of all things that would happen in every possible set of circumstances, both things that are determined to occur by those circumstances and things that are not determined to occur…

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Top 10 Theology Books Your SBL, ETS Book Bag Will Crave

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Yes, it’s that time of year again: the gauntlet of AAR/SBL and ETS plenary sessions, lectures, meetings, and receptions.

We know it can be an overwhelming and stressful season. On top of adding that final polish and flair to your presentation, you’ve got to pack your suitcase “just so,” so that you have room for the bounty of books you know you won’t be able to resist. So we thought we’d lend a helping hand by charting a course for your book-buying adventure.

Below are the top theology resources your book bag will crave this season, and for which your carry-on will probably resent you.

They represent the latest, cutting edge research and scholarship in Reformation studies, biblical theology, dogmatic theology, and historical theology.

So print this list and take it with you. Your book…

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3 Misconceptions of One of the Most Unknown, Fruitful Theological Ideas

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Luis de Molina by Kirk MacGregorMolinism and the doctrinal equivalent of scientia media (middle knowledge) is perhaps one of the more fruitful Reformation-era theological thought-systems that’s largely unknown.

Arminianism, check. Lutheranism, check. Calvinism, big check. But Molinism, named after the Catholic reformer and Jesuit theologian Luis de Molina? Mostly unknown.

Yet, as Kirk MacGregor reveals in his new book Luis de Molina, “Molina’s thought is quite relevant to Christians of all theological stripes, whether Protestant, Catholic, or Orthodox.” (12) In fact, middle knowledge is “one of the four principal views on divine providence and omniscience, alongside Calvinism, open theism, and simple foreknowledge.” (13)

Perhaps the reason why Molina’s theology is so unknown is because he is largely unknown. While Bainton gave us Here I Stand and Cottret Calvin: A Biography,…

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