My Advice to Students — Paul Molnar Says “Do What it Takes to Get the Job Done”

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9780310498124Nothing in life is guaranteed, as they say. Whether you’re pursuing the pastorate or professorship, the same is true for what lies ahead on the other side of graduate school.

And yet Paul Molnar, professor and contributor to Two Views of the Doctrine of the Trinity, gives this advice:

“If you love what you’re doing, then you’ll do what it takes to get the job done.”

Molnar shares some of his journey from adjunct to full-time professor at St. Johns to illustrate what’s necessary to ensure success.

While he says there’s no guarantee, Molnar encourages, “If you work extremely hard, and you are willing to make sacrifices…there is a really good chance you will have success.”

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What’s the Difference Between Classical and Social, Relational Trinitarianism?

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9780310498124In recent decades there has been increased interest in the doctrine of the Trinity. Two views dominating such interest are the so-called (1) classical and (2) social, relational views of the Trinity.

Paul Molnar is one theologian who is shaping this discussion. He is a contributor to the new Two Views of the Doctrine of the Trinity which maps the distinctions between these two dominant views.

But how are they different and distinct? Molnar explains in our video by clarifying their positions:

Classical View: “Unless we know who God is eternally—as the Father, Son, and Spirit—based on his revelation to us, we can’t really say anything about God relating with us humanly in history.” Social, Relational View: “Theologians chart…

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