How Does Genesis 1–11 Speak Truly? Six Insights

Jeremy Bouma on 4 months ago. Tagged under ,,,,.

Reading Genesis Well

9780310598572What does it mean to say Genesis 1-11 speaks truly? Is Genesis a historically accurate, scientific narrative? What does it mean to be a good reader of Genesis 1-11?

Reading Genesis Well answers these questions and more. In this book Old Testament scholar C. John Collins  develops a rigorous approach to interpreting the parts of the Bible that figure in contemporary discussions of science and faith. Collins’ approach appropriates literary and linguistic insights from C. S. Lewis, and adds perspectives from modern linguistics (including lexical semantics, discourse analysis, and sociolinguistics).

Collins’ work will help you better navigate conversations about Genesis, science, and biblical faith. This book will help you evaluate different views of Genesis and become more deeply informed about how history, poetry, science and truth in Genesis…

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