South Asian Understandings of the Holy Spirit – An Excerpt from South Asia Bible Commentary

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South Asia Bible CommentaryThe South Asia Bible Commentary is unique in that it is written by South Asian scholars for South Asian readers. Not only a one volume commentary on the whole Bible, this new resource includes ninety articles, many of them focused on building a bridge between Biblical teaching and life in modern South Asia. Ivan Satyavrata contributes this fascinating survey of how the Holy Spirit is understood within Asian culture.


In view of the ancient tradition of spirituality in the Indian subcontinent, the subject of the Holy Spirit occupies a place of prominence in South Asian spirituality. South Asians very naturally tend to think of God as spirit. Sanskrit, the language of the Hindu tradition that dominates South Asia, is rich with “spirit” terminology…

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Can You Serve Jesus and Still Enjoy Your Life?

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I should say at the outset that Michael Wittmer is my hero.

Well, maybe I shouldn’t go that far—he is a friend; he was also my academic mentor and ThM advisor, and wrote the forward to one of my books. I do highly respect him, particularly because of how he “does” theology.

If you’ve followed his writing career you know his sweet spot is doing theology for the Church. And by “the Church” I mean everyone inside your church; he is a savant at popular theology.

His latest book is “exhibit A” in how it looks for the one percent to do theology for the ninety-nine percent in a way that’s pastorally engaging and intellectually accessible, yet theologically rich and biblically accurate.

Becoming Worldly Saints hearkens back to his first book,

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