Christianity and Sexuality: What We Believe, Why We Don’t Believe It

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9780310535355Recently, a number of books have been published grappling with what the Bible and reality says about same-sex practice. Yet pastor Todd Wilson believes there is a crucial gap in these resources:

I don’t think we’ve dealt adequately with the question of homosexuality in the light of God’s design for human sexuality. Instead we’ve addressed the issue too narrowly—at times almost too exclusively in biblical or personal practical terms. (13)

Our approach typically asks one of two questions: What does the Bible say about homosexuality? How can I love homosexuals like Jesus? Although important, these questions miss something: “We need to put the question in a larger theological context” (14).

Enter Mere Sexuality, a cogent, compact book exploring what Christians have always believed about human sexuality. In a culture that’s deeply confused about…

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How Can We Know Whether We’re Authentically Christian? — An Excerpt from “Real Christian”

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9780310515838In his new book, Real Christian, pastor Todd Wilson suggests “Many of us lack clarity about what it means to be real. As a result, we struggle to distinguish between what’s real and what’s not.” (20)

How, then, can we help those God has entrusted to us know whether they’re authentically Christian?

This is why Wilson has written this book.

Last week we explored the six marks of a real Christian that Wilson outlines. These six marks provide “a biblical standard for whether we are real” and unpack “the substance of what mature faith looks like.” (25)

In the excerpt below, Wilson answers our question by pointing us to the words of Christ, who both warned about genuine faith and taught what how that genuine…

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Are Your People Real? 6 Marks of a Real Christian Inspired by Jonathan Edwards

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What is a real Christian?

This seemingly basic question was one Jonathan Edwards himself grappled with during the intense movement of the Spirit in America, known as the Great Awakening.

Of this question, pastor and author Todd Wilson notes that Edwards realized “this is a perennial question for the church. Each generation must wrestle with this issue and draw on the wisdom of Scripture and the saints of old to offer the church a faithful and relevant description of the marks of authentic faith.” (24)

In his book Religious Affection, Edwards answered his question by outlining twelve marks of genuine Christian faith. Inspired by this description, Wilson aims to provide the contemporary church with a similar description of what it means to be “real.”

In Real Christian, he outlines six important marks of real Christianity,…

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My Advice to Students: Todd Wilson Says “Don’t Begrudge Suffering God Sends Your Way”

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9780310515838Todd Wilson, author of the new book Real Christian, has three things to say to students—the last one is perhaps the most powerful.

Take Professors, Not Classes: “You can have a great subject and if you have a bad professor it can be a tedious experience. But if you’ve got a topic that isn’t interesting but a great professor it can be life changing.” Stay Invested in the Church: “It’s really critical to stay in the life of the church, invest in the life of the church, and serve God’s people in that way.” Don’t Begrudge Suffering: God has a way of surprising you by sending you challenges during graduate school. While there is a temptation to see them as a…

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Evangelicals Have Huge Problems. “Real Christian” Will Help.

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9780310515838Todd Wilson, author of the new book Real Christian, believes Evangelicals face huge problems: radical secularism, revisionist sexual ethics, pluralism, skepticism of organized religion.

These are big problems, no doubt.

The biggest problem, however, is one of our own making:

We have an image problem.

“For those outside the church, Evangelicals are viewed as unChristian in their attitudes and actions.”

This underscores the Church’s need to get real. Because as Wilson says, “when the Church lacks clarity about what a real Christian is…the spiritual decline of the Church is going to follow from that.”

This book helps Evangelicals:

understand what it means to be a real Christian; know they are right with God; discern how God…

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