Women in the Bible: What We Learn from the Book of Luke

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Healing of a bleeding woman

Opponents of Christianity will often suggest that the Bible has a low view of women. It’s a patriarchal book with a patriarchal worldview. In many cases though, Scripture reveals that while that may have been true of ancient Judaism (like many other ancient cultures), God–and Jesus–honored women in profound and meaningful ways.

In his online course, A Theology of Luke and Acts, Darrell L. Bock examines the numerous passages portraying women in the Gospel of Luke. The following post is based on his course.

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Abuse of Male Headship – An Excerpt from Black and White Bible, Black and Blue Wife

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In her upcoming book Black and White Bible, Black and Blue Wife, Ruth Tucker recounts her story of abuse at the hands of her husband, in hope that it would help other women caught in a cycle of domestic violence.

She makes a compelling case for mutuality in marriage by weaving her shocking story and stories of other women together with powerful stories of husbands who truly have demonstrated Christ’s love to their wives. Including reflections on biblical, theological, historical, and contemporary issues surrounding domestic violence, Tucker helps women and men become more aware of potential dangers in a doctrine of male headship.

Engage with this excerpt as she details a flashpoint in her journey:


black and white bible black and blue wifeThe setting was our dining room. I had flown…

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Will You Ask America to “Forgive Us” of 7 Social Sins?

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In a post-Ferguson world, this book is timely for the Church.

I could add that in a post-Trail-of-Tearspost-Stonewall riots, post-9/11 world this book comes at a good time in the life of the church, too.

The book is Forgive Us, a book that self-consciously “acknowledges the legitimacy of much of [peoples’ anger and frustration with organized religion] and recognizes that the church through the ages has experienced significant brokenness, a brokenness that demands to be acknowledged and repented of.” (31)

Authors Mae Elise Cannon, Lisa Sharon Harper, Troy Jackson, and Soong-Chan Rah offer the American church this guide — to help the church confess to the world and to God the church’s complicity and culpability in seven sins, sins against: God’s creation, indigenous people, people of color, women,…

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Wednesday Giveaway – Two Views on Women in Ministry

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Two Views on Women in MinistryOne of the continuing hotbeds of debate in evangelical circles today is the nature and scope of leadership roles open to women in the church. Can a woman preach God’s word? Can she serve communion, baptize, or lead in worship? Can she marry and bury? Can she serve as the lead or solo pastor? Can she teach an adult Bible class? Can she serve as a bishop, elder, or deacon?” 

These questions begin the first essay in this week’s giveaway, Two Views on Women in Ministry, and they continue to be pressing matters in today’s church. 

In this Counterpoints volume, complementarians Craig…

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Wednesday Giveaway – Half the Church

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Half the church As stated in yesterday's post, reviews are starting to come out for Carolyn Custis James' latest book Half the Church. It seemed fitting then that today we would feature Half the Church as our giveaway.

Half the Church is about women, the roles God created them for and the injustices they suffer in today's world, but it is by no means only for women. In fact, Carolyn insists that when we focus on only men (or women) we end up trying to do the work of the kingdom with half the church and as a result fail to reach the church's true potential. We are all part of what God is doing…

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