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Pre-order Savings on The Zondervan Textbook Bundle from Logos

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Zondervan Textbook

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That's 29% off, if you order by June 20!

The Zondervan Textbook Bundle provides everything a
first-year or second-year Bible college student would need in the course of
their studies. Spanning Christian history, philosophy, ethics, New and Old
Testament studies, and spiritual formation, these texts have established
themselves as leading resources in their fields. 

Whether you are a professor, pastor, student, or interested
layman, these are invaluable books. And now, The Zondervan Textbook Bundle
gives you access to them with the convenience and power of Logos.

With Logos, these texts become open doorways to even greater
learning. Explore Greek and Hebrew words with a click, and, with mouseover,
follow references to the Bible, primary source texts, or other modern texts in
your library. Take notes on any page, and they automatically sync across
devices, showing your notes whether you’re on your tablet, smartphone, or
computer. Logos, together with classic Zondervan textbooks, makes learning fast,
convenient, fun, and affordable.

The Zondervan Textbook Bundle includes:

  • A Survey of the New
    Testament, Fifth Edition
    by Robert Gundry

9780310494744_30“I first used Gundry's Survey while in seminary over 30
years ago. The book has only improved with age. The addition of color images,
insets explaining and illustrating technical terms, and the availability of
audio-visual aids to support the text make the new addition a valuable addition
to the Bible student's, lay or professional, library...The book is written for use in a New Testament Survey
college course or as a supplement in a seminary course on New Testament
Introduction. It would also fit well into the local public or church library.”
– Patrick, Amazon Reviewer

“I have read a few New Testament survey textbooks and Robert
H. Gundry does a GREAT job of presenting complex material in a simple manner.
His breakdown of the Book of Revelation, a complex and symbolic book in the New
Testament, is simple and straightforward. Sections in each chapter contain a
precise range of scripture references (allowing you to read those sections
almost as a commentary)… The best N.T. survey book, in my opinion, thus far.” –
Amazon Reviewer

  • Grasping God's Word, Third
    by Scott Duvall and Daniel Hays

9780310492573_30“Christians generally know they're supposed to read the
Bible and that they're supposed to do something about it, but the Bible doesn't
always make sense. The Bible was written to an audience that is removed from us
by time and culture, so it's easy to miss what the original author intended to
communicate to the original biblical audience... In Grasping God’s Word, J.
Scott Duvall and J. Daniel Hays walk us through a clear and helpful process for
responsibly reading, interpreting, and applying the Bible. They call it the
Interpretive Journey, and it's an imaginative and motivating description for
what encountering God through the Scriptures is meant to look like” – Tom Farr,
Amazon Reviewer

“This is a highly readable, entry-level textbook on biblical
hermeneutics. The authors assume no prior knowledge of biblical hermeneutics on
the part of the reader. As such, the material is conveyed in simple,
straightforward terms, along with a healthy dose of wit. The book also strikes
a good balance between theory and application. Topics discussed include levels
of meaning, different literary genres in the Bible, and the role of the Holy
Spirit. Every chapter also ends with applicative exercises serving to reinforce
learning… A book that I'd recommend every Christian read in order to interpret
the Bible correctly.” – T.P. Ang, Amazon Reviewer

  • Moral Choices: An Introduction to Ethics, Third Edition by Scott Rae
  • Introduction to Christian Education and Formation by Ronald Habermas
  • And more!

Save 29% when you order before June 20, 2013. Pre-order today, time is short!

Pre-order the Textbook Bundle

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