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Basics of Latin Video Lectures

For Use with Basics of Latin: A Grammar with Readings and Exercises from the Christian Tradition
Derek Cooper
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Basics of Latin Video Lectures by Derek Cooper, alongside the accompanying Basics of Biblical Latin textbook, introduces students, independent learners, and homeschoolers to the basics of Latin grammar with all readings and exercises taken from texts in the Christian tradition.

As part of the well-known Zondervan "Basics" suite of research languages for the study of Christian Scripture and theology, these videos are student-friendly, designed to make learning to read Latin accessible.

The video lessons help students learn by:

  • Minimizing technical jargon
  • Providing only the information needed to learn the basics
  • Breaking the grammar of language down into manageable and intuitive chunks
  • Drawing from Scripture, ancient Christian authors, and the Reformers

Basics of Latin Video Lectures provides an ideal first step into this important language and focuses on getting the student into texts and translation as quickly as possible.

Session Titles and Runtimes:

1 - A Guide to the Latin Language: Alphabet, Pronunciation, and More (18 min)

2 - Nouns and Prepositions (19 min)

3 - First-Declension Nouns (19 min)

4 - Second-Declension Nouns (18 min)

5 - Third-Declension Nouns (17 min)

6 - First-, Second-, and Third-Declension Adjectives (16 min)

7 - Fourth-Declension Nouns, Positive, Comparative, and Superlative Adjectives, and Ablatives (23 min)

8 - Fifth-Declension Nouns, Indeclinable Nouns, and Numerals (18 min)

9 - Verbs and Four Principal Parts (17 min)

10 - Present Actives and Present Passives (16 min)

11 - Imperfect Actives, Imperfect Passives, and Adverbs (22 min)

12 - Future Actives and Future Passives (17 min)

13 - Irregular Verbs (18 min)

14 - Deponents and Semideponents (22 min)

15 - Personal Pronouns and Demonstratives (22 min)

16 - Reflexives, Possessives, and Intensives (20 min)

17 - Relatives, Interrogatives, and Indefinites (23 min)

18 - Perfect Actives (17 min)

19 - Pluperfect Actives and Future Perfect Actives (25 min)

20 - Present Active and Present Passive Subjunctives (39 min)

21 - Imperfect Active and Imperfect Passive Subjunctives (18 min)

22 - Perfect and Pluperfect Subjunctives and Cum Clauses (30 min)

23 - Present Active Participles, Future Passive Participles (Gerundives), and Gerunds (28 min)

24 - Perfect Passive Participles, Future Active Participles, and Periphrastic Constructions (23 min)

25 - Perfect Passives, Pluperfect Passives, Future Perfect Passives, Fíeri, and Ablative Absolutes (25 min)

26 - Present Active and Present Passive Infinitives, Indirect Speech, and Impersonal Verbs (24 min)

27 - Perfect and Future Infinitives and More about Indirect Speech (26 min)

28 - Imperatives, Prohibitions, and Vocatives (39 min)

About the Author

Derek Cooper is associate dean of the faculty and associate professor of global Christianity at Reformed Episcopal Seminary. He is also managing director of Thomas Institute. A long-term foreign language instructor, he has taught Latin, Spanish, and biblical Greek. Derek is the author of many books, including Introduction to World Christian History and Exploring Church History. He has offered professional Latin translations for the Reformation Commentary on Scripture, the Martin Luther Handwriting Font Book, and is the translator of Philip Melanchthon’s Commentary on Proverbs.

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  • Release: September 8, 2020
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