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Bible Doctrine Video Lectures

Essential Teachings of the Christian Faith
Wayne A. Grudem
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How do we know the Bible is God's Word? What is sin and where did it come from? How is Jesus fully God and fully man? What are spiritual gifts? When and how will Christ return?

If you've asked questions like these, then "systematic theology" is no abstract term. It's an approach to finding answers every Christian needs to know. Bible Doctrine Video Lectures takes a highly commended reference on systematic theology and makes it accessible to the average learner. Wayne Grudem covers the essentials of the faith, giving you a firm grasp on seven key topics:

  • The Doctrine of the Word of God
  • The Doctrine of God
  • The Doctrine of Man
  • The Doctrine of Christ
  • The Doctrine of the Application of Redemption
  • The Doctrine of the Church
  • The Doctrine of the Future

Lessons are marked by clarity, strong scriptural emphasis, thoroughness in scope and detail, and treatment of such timely topics as spiritual warfare and the gifts of the Spirit. But you don't need to have had several years of Bible school to reap the full benefits of Bible Doctrine Video Lectures--it's easy to understand and packed with solid, biblical answers to your most important questions. All video lecture content is adapted from Systematic Theology Video Lectures.

Session Titles and Runtimes:

1 - Introduction to Systematic Theology ((6 min)

2 - The Authority and Inerrancy of the Bible (14 min)

3 - The Clarity, Necessity, and Sufficiency of the Bible (18 min)

4 - The Character of God: "Incommunicable" Attributes (8 min)

5 - The "Communicable" Attributes of God (15 min)

6 - The Trinity (10 min)

7 - Creation (12 min)

8 - God's Providence (8 min)

9 - Prayer (11 min)

10 - Angels, Satan, and Demons (18 min)

11 - The Creation of Man (9 min)

12 - Man as Male and Female (10 min)

13 - Sin (10 min)

14 - The Person of Christ (10 min)

15 - The Atonement (11 min)

16 - Resurrection and Ascension (8 min)

17 - Common Grace (7 min)

18 - Election (11 min)

19 - The Gospel Call (8 min)

20 - Regeneration (7 min)

21 - Conversion (Faith and Repentance) (8 min)

22 - Justification and Adoption ( 12 min)

23 - Sanctification (Growth in Likeness to Christ) (9 min)

24 - The Perseverance of the Saints (Remaining a Christian) (8 min)

25 - Death, the Intermediate State, and Glorification (13 min)

26 - The Nature of the Church (15 min)

27 - Baptism (8 min)

28 - The Lord's Supper (9 min)

29 - Gifts of the Holy Spirit (I): General Questions (11 min)

30 - Gifts of the Holy Spirit (II): Specific Gifts (11 min)

31 - The Return of Christ: When and How? (7 min)

32 - The Millennium (10 min)

33 - The Final Judgment and Eternal Punishment (11 min)

34 - The New Heavens and New Earth (7 min)

About the Author

Wayne Grudem is distinguished research professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Phoenix Seminary in Phoenix, Arizona. He holds degrees from Harvard (AB), Westminster Theological Seminary (MDiv, DD), and Cambridge (PhD). He is the author of more than 30 books including the bestselling Systematic Theology.

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  • Format: DVD
  • ISBN: 9780310135821
  • Release: April 5, 2022
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