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Cultural Apologetics Video Lectures

Renewing the Christian Voice, Conscience, and Imagination in a Disenchanted World
Paul M. Gould
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While interest in religion has increased in the twenty-first century, Western culture has grown increasingly disenchanted. Many--including many Christians--no longer perceive the world in its proper light. The world is viewed as mundane, ordinary, everyday, instead of deeply beautiful, mysterious, and sacred. Moreover, the church has grown anti-intellectual and sensate, out of touch with the relevancy of Jesus and how to relate the gospel to all aspects of contemporary life. In this disenchanted age, Christian wholeness remains elusive, blunting the church's ability to present a winsome and compelling witness for faith. As a result, the Christian imagination is muted.

Cultural Apologetics Video Lectures, along with its accompanying book, Cultural Apologetics, sets forth a model of cultural engagement, rooted in Paul's speech on Mars Hill, which details practical steps for re-establishing the Christian voice, conscience, and imagination. The result is that Christianity will be seen as both plausible and desirable by those within modern Western culture, preparing the way, with the help of the Holy Spirit, for a genuine missionary encounter between the gospel and the contemporary world.

Session Titles and Runtimes:

1 - Paul at Mars Hill (31 min)

2 - What is Cultural Apologetics? (21 min)

3 - Disenchantment: Part 1 (24 min)

4 - Disenchantment: Part 2 (23 min)

5 - Reenchantment and the Awakening of Desire (21 min)

6 - Reenchantment and Returning to Reality (22 min)

7 - Imagination: Part 1 (21 min)

8 - Imagination: Part 2 (20 min)

9 - Reason: Part 1 (13 min)

10 - Reason: Part 2 (24 min)

11 - Conscience: Part 1 (22 min)

12 - Conscience: Part 2 (19 min)

13 - Addressing Barriers: Internal (21 min)

14 - Addressing Barriers: External (21 min)

15 - Home (24 min)

Cultural Apologetics Instructor: Dr. Paul M. Gould

Western culture is disenchanted, no longer seeing the world as it truly is. Instead of viewing reality as sacred and beautiful, it is often perceived as mundane, ordinary, and familiar. The Cultural Apologetics course presents a comprehensive model for cultural engagement with practical steps for making Christianity plausible and desirable.

Course Details
  • 17 Units
  • 6 hours of video
  • Self-paced
  • Beginner
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  • Release: March 12, 2019
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