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How to Make Big Decisions Wisely Video Study

A Biblical and Scientific Guide to Healthier Habits, Less Stress, A Better Career, and Much More
Alan Ehler
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Our decisions determine our lives. Invest in a company that goes bankrupt and you lose your life savings. Say the wrong thing in an interview and you miss the job of the lifetime. Make no decisions and you miss every opportunity. In today's rapidly changing world, the cost of poor decisions (or no decision at all) is higher than ever.

In the How to Make Big Decisions Wisely Video Study, in conjunction with the book How to Make Big Decisions Wisely, author and scholar Alan Ehler lays out a clear approach to making big decisions based on the Bible and recent discoveries in neuroscience and decision science. He presents a simple, four-step process that can be followed to make any kind of decision, whether personal, professional, or relational.

Making big decisions can rewrite lives, careers, families, churches, and businesses. A lot is at stake. Learn how to choose well.

Session Titles and Runtimes:

1 - The Challenge and Opportunity of Big Decisions (12 min)

2 - When Quick Decisions Are Best (12 min)

3 - How the Apostle Paul Decided (18 min)

4 - Our Story-Reading Glasses (18 min)

5 - Step 1: Read the Backstory (13 min)

6 - Step 2: Catch God's Story (14 min)

7 - Step 3: Craft a New Story (17 min)

8 - Step 4: Tell the New Story (16 min)

9 - Shaping Your Own Story: Making Personal Decisions (20 min)

10 - Shaping Our Story: Making Organizational Decisions (22 min)

11 - Getting Stories Straight: Resolving Conflict (15 min)

12 - What's Your Story? (4 min)

About the Author

Alan Ehler (DMin, George Fox Evangelical Seminary) is a professor and dean of Barnett College of Ministry and Theology at Southeastern University. A former pastor and ordained minister with the Assemblies of God, he is a lifelong student of the science of decision-making.

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  • Format: DVD
  • ISBN: 9780310107347
  • Release: February 25, 2020
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