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John, A Video Study

24 Lessons on History, Meaning, and Application
Gary M. Burge
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Our culture does not encourage thoughtful reflection on truth. Yet living the gospel in a postmodern culture demands that Christians understand and internalize the truth about God and his plan for the world. The book of John has been known as the beloved gospel because John probes the depth of Christ's character with a simplicity and majesty that cannot be forgotten. When the earliest theological councils in the fourth and fifth centuries worked to define Christian beliefs, it was John's gospel that gave critical guidance.

John, A Video Study by Gary M. Burge, together with Burge's accompanying NIV Application Commentary on John, brings the meaning of John's gospel into the twenty-first century. Burge comments on the text itself and explores issues in John's culture and in ours that help us understand the ultimate meaning of each passage.

Session titles and Runtimes:

1 - Introduction (22 min)

2 - John 1:1-18 (17 min)

3 - John 1:19-51 (17 min)

4 - John 2 (20 min)

5 - John 3 (21 min)

6 - John 4 (19 min)

7 - John 5 (20 min)

8 - John 6 (22 min)

9 - John 7:1-52 (21 min)

10 - John 7:53-8:11 (12 min)

11 - John 8:12-59 (21 min)

12 - John 9 (21 min)

13 - John 10 (23 min)

14 - John 11 (21 min)

15 - John 12 (22 min)

16 - John 13 (18 min)

17 - John 14 (20 min)

18 - John 15:1-16:4a (21 min)

19 - John 16:4b-33 (14 min)

20 - John 17 (19 min)

21 - John 18:1-19:16a (18 min)

22 - John 19:16b-42 (20 min)

23 - John 20 (23 min)

24 - John 21 (21 min)

About the Author

Gary M. Burge (PhD, King's College, Aberdeen University) is visiting professor of New Testament at Calvin Theological Seminary. Gary has authored a number of books, including Who Are God’s People in the Middle East? What Christians Are Not Being Told About Israel and the Palestinians; John and Letters of John in the NIV Application Commentary series; The New Testament in Antiquity (coauthored with Gene Green); and the first three volumes in the Ancient Context, Ancient Faith series: The Bible and the Land, Jesus, the Middle Eastern Storyteller, and Encounters with Jesus. Gary specializes in the Middle East, its churches, and its history in the Hellenistic period.

John Instructor: Dr. Gary M. Burge

This course on the book of John, taught by scholar and professor Gary M. Burge, shows you how to bring the ancient message of John into a modern context, and explains not only what the book of John meant to its original audience but also how it can speak powerfully today.

Course Details
  • 15 Units
  • 6 hours of video
  • Self-paced
  • Intermediate
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  • Release: May 1, 2018
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