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More Movie-Based Illustrations for Preaching and Teaching

101 Clips to Show or Tell
Craig Brian Larson (Author) , Lori Quicke (Author)
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If you’ve used the original Movie-Based Illustrations for Preaching and Teaching, you already know why this sequel is a must-have. If not, you’re about to discover why More Movie-Based Illustrations for Preaching and Teaching is one of the most effective people-reachers you can add to your tool kit. Movies have become the stories of our culture, and they can help you communicate God’s Word with power—if you have exciting, movie-based illustrations at your fingertips. The editors of have gathered the best movie-based illustrations, the scenes that convey biblical truth convincingly. This collection contains 101 complete illustrations straight from popular movies your listeners can relate to. Each illustration is easy to use—you don’t even have to be familiar with the movie to share the truth it portrays. •Complete indexes includes multiple keywords, movie titles, and relevant Scripture passages for easy selection. •Each illustration provides plot summary and detailed description of the scene—you can tell the story well even if you haven’t seen the movie. •Exact begin and end times are given for each illustration if you wish to show the video clip. •Each illustration gives background information on the movie—year created, MPAA rating, and more.

About the Authors

Craig Brian Larson is chief editor for Christianity Today's, an online journal and illustration service. He also pastors a church in Chicago, Illinois. His books include Contemporary Illustrations for Preachers, Teachers, and Writers; Preaching That Connects; and The Art and Craft of Biblical Preaching. He and his family live in the Chicago suburbs. Lori Quicke is associate editor of preaching and leadership resources at Christianity Today International.
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  • Page Count: 240
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9780310248347
  • Release: May 25, 2004
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